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  1. ThePour

    Help to improve an extract milk (chocolate) stout recipe

    Hi all, On my 5th or 6th brew now and still finding my feet. My most successful so far has been my stout. I found a recipe online and added some chocolate (and cinnamon) to it and it's tasty and popular with my friends. My only complaint is that it feels a bit 'thin'. It lacks mouthfeel and...
  2. ThePour

    Is there a go to fermentor for 10L brews?

    Hi all, I currently have a ~25l fermentation bucket, a similar size bottling bucket (smaller diameter), and a 10l bucket. The last two don't appear to be airtight. Is there a recommended go to bucket, jerry can, vessel, for 1/2 size brews that people use? Would something like this work ok...
  3. ThePour

    Wilko IPA kit to 'NEIPA' Using Cellar Dwellars Recipe

    Inspired by this video, (further discussion and recipe here), I am planning on making a (very inauthentic) NEIPA from a Wilko IPA kit I picked up in the sale. The video and recipe use a Cooper's kit as the base and then does a mini-mash plus all the hops to customise it. Now looking at the...
  4. ThePour

    Which kit for a 'modern' british bitter?

    Hi all, First post from a newbie. I've just bottled a Mangrove Jack's Grapefruit IPA and want to go straight on to brew something for my pressure barrel. Hopefully in time for Christmas. I would like to aim for something like Marble's Manchester Bitter or equivalent. Something that I recall...