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  1. Dexter101

    Poll: Grain brewing Vs Extract Brewing

    Started full grain. Currently doing extract brewing as done have the time but will move back when the kids are a bit older
  2. Dexter101

    Problems with mini kegs (growler style)

    Thanks guys, guess the hsckaaw will comeout tomorrow then. Was worrying with it being under pressure whether this would be ok but happy other people came to same conclusion
  3. Dexter101

    Problems with mini kegs (growler style)

    Sorry, was getting irritated by it! Photo shows the gas disconnect and as you can probably see, theres no room next to it for the liquid one...
  4. Dexter101

    Problems with mini kegs (growler style)

    Hi guys, my disconnects seem to be hitting each other on the mini keg... any ideas?
  5. Dexter101

    UK pub numbers rise for the first time in a decade

    Is a pub focusing on food really a pub? Not as a criticism, but a lot of pubs I know have become restaurants selling british food in old buildings. Which is fine but they don't offer what I class as the pub experience. I love a pub but I don't really get the opportunity to actually go to one...
  6. Dexter101

    Minikeg Ball-lock Lid

    Good to hear. Will look forward to kegging my first beer next weekend and will report back. The nice thing is I can brew small batches every week and keep a constant turnaround of beer.
  7. Dexter101

    Minikeg Ball-lock Lid

    Do you have the tap attached directly to the keg? Have heard mixed things about this.
  8. Dexter101

    Minikeg Ball-lock Lid

    I know its not quite the same thing but similar to this: Definitely a project ready for summer bbqs once I have tested the kegs
  9. Dexter101

    Minikeg Ball-lock Lid

    I want to try and make a "Cool box" kegerator once I get them working properly. the 4l kegs are actually quite tall and thin, where as the 5l ones I think are wider so depends on your cool box size as to whether they will fit.
  10. Dexter101

    Minikeg Ball-lock Lid

    I have moved for the time being to 1 gallon brewing and have purchased 4, 4L kegs of this style. Not used them yet but feedback from members (there is a dark farm thread somewhere...) is good. possibly harder to clean than a corni keg but apart from that not seen any complaints. i have my...
  11. Dexter101


    I believe they fed it "luxury" meat based dog food...
  12. Dexter101

    Buzz words.

    I think this stems from the complexities coming out of genders. So if bisexual is you fancy a bit of males and females, then what about a man who identifies as a woman or vice versa... you might not fancy that. Pansexual incompasses this and prevents confusion and awkward conversations I...
  13. Dexter101


    Best board games I have played are ones my mum had as a kid. Not sure if anyone knows/remembers: Buccaneer- pirate based board game where you sail to collect treasure Scoop- newspaper based board game where you complete a newspaper, calling up the editor to get articles accepted or rejected...
  14. Dexter101


    In general I think as a species we are so far removed from the food chain/cycle that we have no concept of food. We eat 3 meals a day out of habit (rather than because our body needs sustenance), we eat selected cuts of meat, we under eat vegetables, we don't eat living creatures because they...
  15. Dexter101

    cold steeping

    I haven't done it myself but with kits or malt extract people do it in order to add more complex flavours. I think you can steep for as little as 30 minutes. There is a sticky on the beer kit section and i think it includes something about this
  16. Dexter101

    5 Litre Cans/Mini Kegs

    I think general guidance would be oxy cleaner to clean, a sanitiser to sanitise. If you dont have star san, people use mild bleach or chlorine based products. Just make sure you rinse really well
  17. Dexter101

    Hobby or obsession?

    Obsession suggests a negative relationship to me. I would say its one if my pleasures in life. I love cooking but what I enjoy about brewing is your hard work lasts longer!
  18. Dexter101

    Is it just me who enjoys the occasional sour beer?

    Love a sour and i find them a good way to refresh the pallette on a night out
  19. Dexter101

    What goes on in politics and social media

    Is most uk politics lead by cynicism? I look at most labour policies and find it hard to think they are not good things, but then I know so many people opposed to them. As an example, free quality broadband for all... how is it not an appealing thing?
  20. Dexter101

    Trimming down brew days

    Thanks, that might be a better option then, brew larger amounts and store it in demi johns. I am not sure how long this is going to be for and was hoping to not buy anything that may in future become redundant.