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  1. Cestrian

    What goes with Sorachi Ace

    Made a Kolsch with Sorachi Ace the other week and got half a bag left. Looking for something to pair them up with in a pale ale. I believe some have had good results with Cascade. Also read online that a mix 3/1/1 of Cascade / Sorachi Ace / Chinook works well. Anyone found any other good combos?
  2. Cestrian

    Frozen beer

    Just came to bottle my Vienna lager and the top third is frozen. I’ll let it thaw out overnight I’m sure it’ll be ok. Only had the lagering fridge set on 2 degrees though!
  3. Cestrian

    Lager hops with a twist

    Definitely getting more in to my lagers at the moment. I seem to have burnt out with strong citrusy US pale ales. Always seem to have a hankering for something a bit simpler. So got a couple of brews planned for next week; steam beer and a kolsch. I've got a couple of hallertau/tettnang brews in...
  4. Cestrian

    Mangrove Jacks M54 at lower temperatures

    I know the point of M54 is that you can make lagers at higher temperatures, but has anyone tried brewing with it at lower temperatures (16C and below) and if so how did it compare with higher temperature brews. I want to get two lagerish beers on in the next week or so and I’ve got a packet of...
  5. Cestrian

    7 year old Fullers 1845

    I found half a dozen dusty bottles of an unknown beer at the back of a cupboard in the garage today. Checking back through my brewing records it was a Fullers 1845 attempt that I brewed in January 2013. I took a bottle out in to the back garden in case it exploded and hit the ceiling, but it...
  6. Cestrian

    Domestos Ultra White And Sparkle Bleach

    I usually put my bottles in to soak in a weak bleach solution before bottling, just to make sure they are clean more than anything. If they were bleached in advance of brewday I will starsan them too. I usually use the cheap Asda bleach and then give it 3 rinses and I've never had a problem...
  7. Cestrian

    Munich efficiency

    Can’t believe how much lower efficiency I’m getting from Munich compared to pale malt. Recent brews with marris otter have been 75-80%, with Munich/Vienna/pilsner mix it has been down at 60%. Not doing anything different. Thought it was a one off the other week, but the last one I did was the same.
  8. Cestrian

    Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller Tube for Home Brewing Super Efficient Wort Chiller Home Wine Making Machine Part

    Has anyone bought one of these stainless immersion chillers off Amazon. Price seems too good to be true. There are a lot of them on Amazon with prices varying from £20-£30, all probably the same bloke or company, all with no reviews. Need a new IC because my copper one has sprung a leak...
  9. Cestrian

    Mods to a 40L Buffalo boiler

    My old leccy boilers finally given up the ghost, so I’ve treated myself to a 40L buffalo boiler. Before I start ripping it apart, I thought I’d ask if anyone has any tips of how to modify these for a brew kettle. With my last boiler I drilled a hole in the bottom and one on the skirt, to put a...
  10. Cestrian

    Cestrian Brewday

    I’m quite new to the forum, but I’m quickly approaching 200 AG brews. So I’ve been at this a while. You’d think I’d know what I’m doing by now, but that’s one of the things I love about this hobby, there’s always something new to learn or try, another yeast or hop combo. That’s what I love. That...
  11. Cestrian

    What’s your favourite lawnmower beer recipe

    The weather is perfect at the moment and I’m thinking of getting a simple lawn mower beer on this week. A light pale ale, not too strong and not too hoppy. A thirst quencher that goes down easy on a hot Summer’s day. Anyone got any tried and trusted recipes they could recommend?
  12. Cestrian

    Shere drop

    Has anybody had the pleasure of trying Surrey Hills’ Shere Drop or had a crack at making it. It was the Champion Beer of Britain last year and there is suprisingly little about it online, but enough to make a start at a clone recipe. Just wondered if someone else has already had a go. From...
  13. Cestrian

    Acidifying Sparge Water

    I have never considered doing this before until recent astringency problems, but generally do people acidify their sparge water? Is it required to keep the pH down at the end of a fly sparge and does it improve efficiency or the flavour of the beer?
  14. Cestrian

    You’re stuck in quarantine with only one bottle of scotch

    Credit to Dorst for the idea... If you’re in lockdown with one bottle of scotch what would it be? I am currently stuck with a bottle of Balvenie Double Wood and a bottle of Macallan Gold. If I had to choose one it would probably be the Balvenie, it’s like honey!
  15. Cestrian

    How cold does your fridge go?

    Like most of us, I’ve got a bit more time on my hands at the moment, so thought I’d have a crack at a few German lager type beers. I used to do these all the time, many moons ago, before kids and I’ve got a hankering for a big malty Oktoberfest or a Schwarzbier. Anyway never one to do things by...
  16. Cestrian

    astringency from over crushed malt

    Just wondering if anyone has ever had a problem with astringency from over crushed malt. I didn’t even know this was a thing until quite recently, since doing a bit of research after problems with astringency. I am quite lucky in that my alkalinity is 20mg/L and calcium is only 20ppm, so as I...
  17. Cestrian

    Howdy brewers

    I’ve been brewing for about 10 years now, all grain for the last 7 or 8. I’m usually over on Jim’s, but this seems like a lively friendly place, so I thought i’d come and say hi! I seem to be brewing and drinking a lot more beer at the minute... can’t think why!