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  1. Bort

    Brewferm Belgian Brown

    Yesterday I brewed the Belgian Brown kit from Brewferm very easily now my experience is growing. In the fermentation bucket I added the kit along with 1kg of dextrose sugar and made it up to the 15 litres that this kit is designed to make. I found the instruction leaflet particularly useful and...
  2. Bort

    Young's Harvest Scottish Heavy

    As my pressure barrel is about to become empty from a previous brew, I thought it time to get brewing my next kit - Young's Harvest Scottish Heavy. I wanted to brew a bitter/ale following comments that they are better suited to a pressure barrel for secondary fermentation than a lager as I...
  3. Bort

    Home Brew Kit in the Style of Singha Thai Beer

    Hi all, I was reminiscing about a VIP hospitality day I enjoyed a few years ago at Old Trafford watching the football. Whilst the game was dull, the free beer was top notch and I particularly enjoyed a *lot* of free Singha Thai lager. So... can anyone recommend a home brew kit that is similar...
  4. Bort

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    After bottling my Black Rock Oatmeal Stout this afternoon I cleaned all my kit and got on the next kit in my homebrew store... the renowned Coopers Mexican Cerveza. I used a single can with 1kg of brewing sugar, brewed short to 22 litres. I pitched the yeast at 24degC and took an OG reading of...
  5. Bort

    Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

    Today I have brewed my third ever home brew... a single can of the two-can Black Rock Oatmeal Stout (my own fault - should have bought two cans but didn’t realise). To compensate for the second can I have used 1kg liquid light malt extract and 1kg brewing sugar (beer enhancer) on the advice of...