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    Chat will be open this weekend as usual

    Think it's a case of "up the gangway" Dennis!
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    Chat will be open this weekend as usual

    Have logged on, can see others chatting, but where's the text box??
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    Chat will be open this weekend as usual

    It works Dave, but there's only me on it! :cry:
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    Chat will be open this weekend as usual

    Chat will be open!!!! :hmm: Famous last bloody words! :tongue:
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    HLT Controller

    I wonder if that's why Tesco/Asda elements are 2.2kw, just a thought.
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    HLT Controller

    Good point, but time switches are dirt cheap these days!
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    HLT Controller

    If you've learned its idiosyncrasies and you are happy with it then all is well. :D Just wondering why you didn't go the STC1000 rout. :wha:
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    Growing Hops??

    Who said anything about digging the whole plant up? :o
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    The Making of Eccles Blue

    Just thought I'd sort your typo out! :tongue:
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    Hydrometer readings

    Fair comment! It's not complicated, just a bit hands on.
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    Hydrometer readings

    Only pitch 1/2 of it, you may need the rest for method 2
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    Hydrometer readings

    Stuck ferments happen, normally with no obvious reason.
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    Hydrometer readings

    Certainly sounds like it to me. :(
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    Bubbles going downwards!

    Tee hee! :tongue:
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    Connecting an element

    I agree with both the above replies. Don't forget to provide some sort of insulation protection!
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    Hydrometer readings

    You could try re-pitching the yeast. Another way is to remove 2 litres of your stuck wort, add 1/2 litre of water and re-pitch. When the ferment fires up, keep adding the rest of the wort a couple of litres at a time.
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    Saf-04 and over-attenuation?

    It doesn't seem to make a deal of difference which ever yeast I use, they all come out at 1004 - 1006. So your 1008 seems quite reasonable to me. And yes, my hydrometer does read 1000 in water at 20C!
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    Where can I buy a chiller?

    I think this one is no too far from you. http://www.thebrewshop.com/
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    Brew belt too warm?

    Pleased to have been of help Stuart. :thumb: