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  1. Ed vK


    Hello hive brain. Looking for some words of wisdom. Back in the balmy summer I bought some Mangrove Jacks M47 Abbey yeast, perhaps because I read something about its tolerance to high fermentation temps? I still have this kicking about, plus the following: Maris Otter Pils Wheat Crystals Rye...
  2. Ed vK

    1st Oatmeal Stout Recipe Critique

    Hey. I’ve tried an extract stout and it was rubbish. Now to try an AG one now I think I’ve got the BIAB process sorted. How’s this look? 23l SG: 1.050 FG: 1.015 4.63% abv 68.8 EBC 30.5 IBU 4kg/80% Maris otter 300g/6% rolled oats 300g/6% chocolate malt 1000EBC 200g/4% roasted barley 1300EBC...
  3. Ed vK


    Hello Folks Does anyone have any experience of buying through this site, specifically of pre-ordering kit for import? Looking at the Robobrew V3.1, seems rather tempting https://brewkegtap.co.uk/collections/featured-collection/products/robobrew-v3-all-grain-brewing-system-with-pump-35l
  4. Ed vK

    Mangrove Jack’s Belgian Abbey M47 in an APA?

    Managed to negotiate a brew day (evening/night) tomorrow if I do a family outing in the morning- wish she liked beer! Planning an American pale late/dry hopped with 100g El Dorado and a touch of centennial. Grain bill is 4.6kg Maris with 0.2 of Cara, med crystal and wheat malt. Mash at 66C for...
  5. Ed vK

    Whole Grain by the Kilo, Decent Postage?

    Hi knowledgeable ones I’m looking at getting some interesting grains into my Maris Otter-base pale ales (I’m a bit sick of crystal). I treated myself to a mill when I moved onto BIAB so figure I might as well crush it fresh. So: what would you add to an APA/IPA? Any suggestions of places to...
  6. Ed vK

    Pale/IPA Inspiration

    Hi forum, first post here. So I’ve progressed through about 15 kits and similar extract and grain self-built recipes and have recently taken the step into AG BIAB in a 33l stock pot. So far have managed a Nelson Maris SMaSH that was lovely (although possibly high in tannins) and a muddle of...