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    TC - MLF

    I'm going to try for a MLF on my latest batch of TC! Is 18 - 20C still required or will cooler do? Is it a proper ferment, attenuating and giving off CO2, or is it a form of conditioning?
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    Catching JBK!

    Just noticed that Jim's Beer Kit has 10578 members and THBF has 10088 members. Only 490 difference! :o
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    3.25 year old yeast

    A yeast culture grown from a pint of Theakstones Best Bitter and frozen on 05/09/2010 has fired up in under 10 hrs! :D The yeast was frozen in rain water with NO Glycerin!! :o A starter was made from water, golden syrup and a pinch of nutrient. So much for high tech methods. :roll:
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    Modifying the "Rab Maxwell" tube

    The tube, which consists of a tube within a tube, can be used for either chilling or heating. The idea being that the warm, or cold water is sent down one tube and then returns up the other. The problem is the heat transfer between the water in the inner tube and the water in the outer tube...
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    Yeast + Frost Free Freezer

    A short while ago somebody said you would be ill advised to store yeast in a self defrosting freezer as it would cycle through freezing and thawing. I disputed this! So I used one of my auxiliary weather probes to monitor the cycle in an "under the counter" self defrosting freezer. The probe was...
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    Packing a Beer hand pull

    I want to post a Beer hand pull, but have no idea how to pack it! It weighs 6.8kg Any thoughts gratefully accepted.
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    Constant temp FV

    Better late than never Well the long hot summer is just about over and I’ve finally got a chiller. It’s a Maxi 110 with 1 product line and 1 re-circ line, plenty for me, especially as it was free! Using a PID, STC100, Rab Maxwell device (chiller), my HERMS, a Solar pump, 6 No. Ball valves...
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    Maxi chiller

    If you are only using the flash line chiller, not the python, do you still need to fill it with water?
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    Ideas for boiler please (container only)

    I'm looking for a 40 ltr container I can use as a boiler. I have a 60 ltr which is a bit unwieldy and a 30 ltr which is a bit tight! Any ideas will be gratefully considered. :hat:
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    What a silly day to brew, 31C!

    Silly day for a brewday, but what the hell! 3.5kg Pale malt 0.25 Kg Xtal malt 0.25 Kg Wheat malt 40g Fuggles, FWH 20g Goldings at 70 mins HLT and Mash Tun set up for under letting Grain filter, (many thanks Nick). Analogue showing grain temp Strike liquor over surface of grain After a...
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    What yield in terms of gravity points/Kg/Ltr can I expect? I have always assumed 300/Kg/Ltr.
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    Can anybody recall....

    Somebody posted re using a digital luggage scale for bulk weighing Grain! Have now spent 2 hrs searching, of course if it was in "Wanted and for sale" it is now long gone!! Can anybody recall the post, and indeed the outlet that sold it? :pray:
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    RIP Margaret!

    England has just lost it's last pair of BALLS!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Was he a Spammer?

    There was a retailer/member posted a while back that he was selling PID units at £15! I don't seem to be able to find either him or his post! :o Has he been exorcised?
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    Boil and Mash times

    Taking into consideration Mash efficiency, Hot break achievement and general overall brewing time; what do Forum members favour? This could be an interesting poll!
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    My Heath - Robinson Conical

    This is a little tongue in cheek! 4" screw top fermenter 1 very large funnel Fittings, 1 custom made Sealer Gestimate £35 :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
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    An old goat needs help!

    I have been brewing beer for neatly 30 years, but now I have developed a problem! My brews are begining to take on a TCP type taste about 8 wks after brewday. My ferments habitually take 4 wks! Am I boiling too vigoursly, or do I have other problems? And I thought I knew it all!!!!
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    B2B2 my version

    My version of Back to Basics 2 HLT on (my stew pot) Doughed in (an old plastic bucket) Wrapped up in my gardening coat. HLT and Boiler (my curry pot) ready for batch sparging First wort hops, all I ever do! A surprisingly good boil Not so rapid cooling! In FV with yeast head...
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    My version of an Hop Oast.

    I can’t actually do a “How to” on building an Hop Oast as I have already built mine. I do however have some pics and sketches which I’ve included here. I used 11mm ply for the the top, bottom and sides and 15mm sq batten for the corners and 11mm batten for the 5mm mesh. I got the mesh...
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    Fizzy beer

    I can now understand why a lot of you make your brews "hoppy". Every brew I do I take a 500ml sample in a PET. This to monitor progress and clarity. I've just started drinking some of these samples, alas all I can taste is CO2, no wonder you want mega hops. Maybe I'm in a mInority, but I like my...