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  1. stz

    Danger danger potentially ill advised self filling co2 bottles

    Well long story short I couldn't really get it to work. 4.7kg bottle, tare weight 10kg, weighs 10.4kg. Put it in the freezer. Connected it up to a 75kg bottle with siphon tube. Bleed the pipework. Managed to put enough it the smaller bottle so total weight was 11.2kg. Vented the smaller bottle...
  2. stz

    First wine kit in a while

    Hello HBF. I have made cider, wine, mead, beer, yoghurt, sourdough and hot sauce over the years. In an attempt to get my girlfriend to show interest I've bought what seemed like quite a pricey wine kit. Previously I've made all sorts of wine, usually without a secondary unless carrying out...
  3. stz

    First attempt at a gose

    Hello HBF. I'm planning a gose, well two if a split batch counts. My understanding is that historically they were low in strength, barely hopped, contained coriander, salt to taste (and to help preserve) and developed a slight tartness from lactic activity. Reading about more modern takes on the...
  4. stz


    Hello HBF. Has anybody used this yeast? I ask because I'm having very slow activity now I'm at a 'normal' terminal gravity compared to what was very aggressive activity at the start. I did a two stage prop/starter from 1 vial for 60L using 3L of fresh wort @ 23C for 24 hours each time and...
  5. stz

    Third week in a row..

    Another split batch today.. 5% honey malt 5% golden naked oats 5% torrified oats 85% extra pale malt Bit more sulphate than usual. 150:200ppm SO4:Cl2. Lactic as usual to give 0-10rA. Mashed at 65C for 60m. Sparge was quicker than usual, still got 85% efficiency. Started doing this thing where...
  6. stz

    Wheat, standard.

    Last time I brewed a wheat beer it was 50/50 and I had a horrific sparge. Easy fix, just thin it out again, mix it up and basically batch sparge, but lots of protein comes through the disturbed grain bed into the copper unless you want to vorlauf every time which kind of defeats the point...
  7. stz

    What a faff

    Aimed to make approx 30L with an og of 80. Assumed a efficency of 75% as a starting point, usually poorer efficency on high gravity brews. Decided at the last minute to use 1kg of cherry smoked malt. Even with the extra potential extract ended up with an efficency of 83% so continued the sparge...
  8. stz

    Gin botanical saison

    Hello HBF. Planning a gin botanical saison. No idea where to go with the herbs/spices in regards to when and how much to use. Previous 'spiced' beers have probably been on the overwhelming side? While it isn't always to my palette they are usually well received. Usually decide how much to use...
  9. stz

    New England Yeast

    Used this yeast and was not particularly impressed considering the cost. It was alright, nice enough, but threw unexpected esters, pepper, spice, almost like a belgian/hefe on the nose. Finish was slightly boozier than anticipated and final gravity was low, caught me by surprise. NEIPA came out...