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  1. Bettybeers

    First wine kit advice

    I've just bought myself a 30 bottle Beaverdale Chardonnay/Semillon kit, thinking I could make said kit using my 24litre fermentation buckets I use for beer brewing. I've had a look around YouTube and everyone seems to be using carboys. Can I get away with just using my fermentation buckets?
  2. Bettybeers

    Mangrove Jack's Brewer's Series Golden Ale

    This is my first ever homebrew, so went for something cheap and cheerful, after reading that golden ales are easy for new brewers. I've not seen a review for this kit so here's mine... The instructions advise to use 1kg brewing sugar but swapped this out for 1kg brew enhancer 2. The kit comes...
  3. Bettybeers

    Coopers Stout OG waaaay off

    Hi folks, just put on a Coopers stout, it's my second ever brew (first one is a Mangrove Jack's Golden Ale, still in bottles conditioning). The instructions say OG should be 1038 using recommended brewing ingredients, and I've read lots of posts saying ignore them, but my OG is 1080! I added...
  4. Bettybeers

    First brew fast fermentation

    I'm brewing my first beer, which is a Mangrove Jack's Golden Ale (basic kit and kilo), and it has been fermenting for 7 days. My OG was 1.048 but dropped to 1.016 after 4 days. Just took another reading (day 7) and it hasn't moved, still sat at 1.016 which by my calculations makes it approx...