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  1. Avo

    Cornish beers and breweries

    Been twenty or so years since we were in the Blue Anchor. They'd sell you carry outs of Spingo in old pop bottles. The locals called the strong stuff "Milk of Amnesia". One of the best beers I've tasted. Be good to try and get a clone recipe.
  2. Avo

    One for the fanboys

    You never know, it may catch on...
  3. Avo

    What kit beer are you drinking tonight?

    Coopers Real Ale, 3 weeks in the bottle and getting better, reminds me a little bit of Old Speckled Hen, though not as strong. Coopers AuPA pimped with cascade. 1 Week in the bottle and it tastes good. Will be doing this one again.
  4. Avo

    Looking for bottle crates to hold 500ml

    They did that to me, I'm Highlands & Islands so is always a bit steep. They did have an ebay listing for them which was reasonable. Pays to order as many as you are likely to need in one go.
  5. Avo

    Joke of the day.

    How do you split up with a tractor ? Send it a John Deere letter....
  6. Avo

    Looking for bottle crates to hold 500ml

    Just bought some of these. The local brewery up here use 10 inch bottles, these crates are just fine. https://www.solentplastics.co.uk/20x500-ml-eco-extra-strong-brewery-beer-bottle-plastic-stacking-crate/
  7. Avo

    The Grainfather G70 at Get Er Brewed

    This looks very appealing
  8. Avo

    Mrs Brown's Boys - the worst comedy ever made

    Well Chippy, I stand corrected I have now. He is controversial and he does cross the line. I'm not going to defend all of his stuff. He has been on TV recently so whether he has learnt or apologized from his cock ups, I don't know. However, I'll take it from this forum, that it's a No No to...
  9. Avo

    Mrs Brown's Boys - the worst comedy ever made

    I've not seen sketches of him take the p**s out of disabled people, although I accept he does sail very close to the wind.
  10. Avo

    Mrs Brown's Boys - the worst comedy ever made

    I liked Gervais's stuff. The office took a bit of getting used to, as with all of his shows it's not just about him. He's helped many actors along the way. Mackenzie Crook, Martin Freeman and who can forget Dawn, the receptionist. I liked his other stuff other stuff such as Derek and Extras...
  11. Avo

    Mrs Brown's Boys - the worst comedy ever made

    Kevin Bridges is good, Frankie Boyle is another, like the way he sails close to the edge. A front seat at one of his shows would be fun.
  12. Avo

    Mrs Brown's Boys - the worst comedy ever made

    Another one I like is the IT crowd, a linehan classic, from the father Ted stable, a story about geeks, sociopaths and computers.
  13. Avo

    Mrs Brown's Boys - the worst comedy ever made

    Still Game. Cracking show, watched every episode. Bobby the barman was my favourite, his failed attempts to outwit Jack and Victor were gems.
  14. Avo

    Tarmac cyclist

    The alternatives are ?
  15. Avo

    Tarmac cyclist

    That Stockholm bus ran through a height restriction gantry. It shouldn't have been on that route. The gas tanks were on the roof, and I believe were CNG, similar to LPG (Methane or propane etc), but still used in a combustion engine. Being on the roof meant the gas rupture was external, not...
  16. Avo


    Looks good, think I'll forget bungee jumping or white water rafting, the big dog tour will do for my birthday...
  17. Avo

    Tarmac cyclist

    Bring back the trolley bus ! There is a push to make public transport electric, or where battery technology or a fixed distribution system is impractical or expensive, the use of hydrogen fuel cells looks like being the next big thing. The freedom to just jump in a car and go where you want...
  18. Avo

    The 'Recommend me a TV series' thread

    I'd second this, dark with quirky humour plus you get the added benefit of being partially conversant in Flemish / Dutch by the time you get through the third series.