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  1. grmski

    Longman Brewery Copper Hop

    I've got a bit of hankering for American Amber Ales at the moment and enjoy a beer like 5am Saint. They have a bit more complexity than typical American Pale Ales and can retain that hoppyness but balanced with a good malt profile. So I've recently made the Fat Angel from the Clone Brews book...
  2. grmski

    Corny Keg and Beer Tower Sales

    Hi folks, I'm having a rearrangement of my set up and have a corny keg, ball type with disconnects for sale at �£50 [/URL][/IMG] and 2 Identical German beer Towers 1 tower (pictured) includes the tap the second doesn't have a tap. Price �£50 with tap and...
  3. grmski

    Shiny Tap on a budget barrel

    Like many of us I find the taps on budget barrels annoyingly fiddly and poor at pouring a decent pint. So looking around there doesn't seem to be many options to change them. The small cap makes it impossible to fit a back nut and the thread stops other taps working. But I saw these 2 things...
  4. grmski

    Klarstein/Ace Brew 3_ Fat Angel

    So I'll be making the 3rd brew in the Klarstein/Ace system next weekend and basing this recipe on the Fat Angel recipe in the Clone Brews book. Fat Angel American Amber Ale Recipe Specs ---------------- Batch Size (L): 23.0 Total Grain (kg): 4.700 Total Hops (g)...
  5. grmski

    Sussex brewer saying Hi to all

    Hi folks, I'm grmski and have been brewing for about a year now I started off with a Coopers Canadian Blonde kit which was ok but very much 'home brew' so immediately moved onto extract and enjoyed a few of those and after plenty of research moved into the biab style of all grain and have made...