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  1. trevorS

    Grain supply Lincolnshire

    £ 25 maris otter crushed
  2. trevorS

    Grain supply Lincolnshire

    I found a supplier of grain local to me and thought it may help others in my locality HOME - Lincolnshire Brewery Langworth lincolnshire Contact Karl or Claire
  3. trevorS

    After 400 boils my Burco boiler is browned off

    Go to Tesco and buy some oxi clean for whites put plenty in boiler, dilute with some warm water then fill the boiler and warm it up .
  4. trevorS

    Anyone milling their own flour?

    Me too!
  5. trevorS

    Show us your cat(s)

    Liddy evil little sod loves to sleep on top of the radio
  6. trevorS

    Corny Keg leaking - vasaline?

    I once recently lost all my gas! Turned out it wasn't the lid or any of the keg seals, but the gas connection had a tiny leak so i greased all my gas connectors with Vaseline and not had a problem since! I always do a soap test on the keg seals but i didn't check the outside of the connector...
  7. trevorS

    Harvesting Yeast

    I am thinking of freezing some yeast in glycerin and the you tube video suggests using yeast slurry, so my question is should I make a two liter starter as i do for each brew and freeze whatever volume of yeast it produces or would I get more yeast from harvesting from slurry any help would be...
  8. trevorS

    Yeast confusion

    I just wanted to thank everybody that replied to this thread i have used the information To produce several brews ie harvesting and making and using a yeast starter very successfully and am now looking at the freezing with glycerin when i get all the gear together.Still can't work out the brulo...
  9. trevorS

    Good Beer in Brittany

    I agree totally, I partly remember some nights only drinking red wine :?:
  10. trevorS

    Good Beer in Brittany

    We had a house in the Bordeaux region for about five years and never found a decent local beer, I would usually buy German beer from the supermarket but otherwise French red wine ,usually from the pallet on offer in the centre isle!
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  12. trevorS

    Torriefied wheat and torriefied wheat malt

    Thanks for that so they are not the same!
  13. trevorS

    Torriefied wheat and torriefied wheat malt

    are they the same thing in Greg Hughes yorkshire bitter he calls for Torriefied wheat and in a later recipe he calls for Torriefied wheat malt?
  14. trevorS

    Clean in place - mounting the pump

    Looking at the pump design on the link ,if you want the pump to drain you would have to mount it upside down which, according to the spec isn't a problem, but you need to consider that the pump is not self priming so would have to have a flooded suction on starting! Hope this helps
  15. trevorS

    Yeast confusion

    I don't quite understand the spoon handle bit! what volume are you using in each small jar of glycerine?
  16. trevorS

    Yeast confusion

    Can you explain your 50/50 method it sounds interesting.
  17. trevorS

    forum time

    forum time
  18. trevorS

    Another brew down the drain ??

    Im the new boy to all grain but have you tasted it ?