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  1. meirion658

    Something different to brew

    I like the idea of a Vienna style
  2. meirion658

    Something different to brew

    Yes please do where did you get that from?
  3. meirion658

    Something different to brew

    Been drinking a few of these of late, did one last Christmas which I bottled and soon devoured
  4. meirion658

    Something different to brew

    One of my first All grain brews and loved it. Might give it a go again. Was after something a bit more session beer
  5. meirion658

    Something different to brew

    Morning all, I think my palate is having enough of the IPA world now and my taste buds have had enough. I have been looking around to brew something a little different, something easy drinking but with flavour. Not into stout or dark ales etc. So please hit me with what I should brew next
  6. meirion658

    Name a Beer that makes you go WOW!!

    Afternoon all, As the title says really name a beer/lager that just makes you go wow and sit back and appreciate it.
  7. meirion658

    Book of world beers

    Afternoon all, I'm after a book that showcases the different types or beer/lager around the world. I'm not fussed if they don't include recipes as just want to see what out there that might take my fancy
  8. meirion658

    Grainfather sparge

    Afternoon all, Any one got ideas or know where I can buy a sparge arm for the grainfather instead of using the jug etc?
  9. meirion658

    Corny kegging (beginner)

    What the best way to reduce the foam from the keg? I curreny have 3/8 comming out of keg into a reducer to 3/16 length then a very short connection of 3/8 into the dispenser. I get an initial explosion of foam and then a nice pour but I have 3inches or so of foam. I have the serving PSI to...
  10. meirion658

    Ball lock disconnect o-rings

    I have two kegs and both a different one is the same as above and the other is a single seal o ring. The one I have which is similar to the above I bought from Malt Miller, im sure they will point you in the right direction
  11. meirion658

    Ball lock disconnect o-rings

    Where did you buy it from? Have you asked the supplier of the keg?
  12. meirion658

    FS False Bottom and Refractometer

    I will take the false bottom off your hands if still available please. Let mw know how you want payment
  13. meirion658

    Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Replacement

    https://www.geterbrewed.com/wyeast-irish-ale-1084/ Says in stock. I'm also looking to do the same brew
  14. meirion658

    Beer lines?

    Thanks guys I have seen similar items at the local aquatics center and B&Q as long it food safe will it be OK? Or should I stick to the getting it from dedicated home brew shop?
  15. meirion658

    Beer lines?

    Morning all, Just getting into kegging and wonder where do you guys get the beer lines from and what to look for? Been searching over the Internet and with home brew stockist and there is a vast difference in price!!
  16. meirion658

    Storing Star San

    Evening all I'm just about to passivate my SS brew bucket with 5 gallons of Star San solution. Not wanting to waste it, can it be reused? What is the best type of container and how long will it keep for? Will temperature fluctuations affect it as well as I will be storing it in the Gardem...
  17. meirion658

    Lager fermentation and kegging

    Moring all first time brewing lager and I'm comming close to the end of fermentation in my SS brewmaster bucket. My gravity at moment is 1.017 and I'm now starting the diacetyl rest for a few days. Once that is complete my intention is to cold crash for a few weeks. Do I cold crash in FV or...
  18. meirion658

    New to kegging

    Having had enough of bottling I have decided to venture into legging and bought two 19l kegs. Has anyone got an idiots step by step guide on how to transfer from SS brewmaster FV to the keg without oxidation and secondly carbing up the keg? I.e what pressure to carb then what pressure to serve etc
  19. meirion658

    COVID19 Positives

    Not much changed for me being a key worker, made me start brewing again tho so can't be all bad lol