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  1. Litmus

    LAB Open 2020

    HI All, sorry if this is duplicated, LAB Open 2020 opened today, I have entered two beers my first ever comp :) https://competitions.londonamateurbrewers.co.uk/labopen/
  2. Litmus

    What's your Christmas brew?

    Hi All, I'm wondering what people have planned for a Christmas tipple? I went for Witbier this year; the thinking was that orange and coriander would add a festive edge. I'm keeping the spice in the background though. I'm sure there are some amazing Christmas pud Stouts being brewed out there??
  3. Litmus

    Scottish Craftbrewers

    Hi All, I have two beers ready: Bavarian Lager Helles 4C Svelte Pivo Czech Premium Pale Lager 3b I was thinking about entering Scottish Craft brewers Comp, but they only have a 2A International Pale Lager class that I'm close to. Any thoughts on which would be a better match, I was...
  4. Litmus

    Interesting results from Salfert water tests

    Hi All, I already had a KH/Alk kits but recently added a Calcium kit. Following @strange-steve excellent guide, I tested both my water from the garden tap and our water softener. Using the KH/Alk kit only ( as originally it was all I had) I had decided that the water from the softener was...
  5. Litmus

    Water tool

    Hi All, for the water tool that is part of the site, which style profile would you use for a wheat beer, larger?
  6. Litmus

    coldpassion (mostly BrewDevil and Beersmith)

    HI All you can find my blog at www.coldpassion.co.uk I tend to stick to all grain ((edit) brewing using the) BrewDevil 50L, and BeerSmith related stuff. However, I do stray from time to time. thanks, L
  7. Litmus

    The Secrets of Master Brewers (audiobook)

    The Secrets of Master Brewers audio book Techniques, Traditions, and Homebrew Recipes for 26 of the World's Classic Beer Styles, from Czech Pilsner to English Old Ale By: Jeff Alworth, Stan Hieronymus Narrated by: Stephen Bowlby currently enjoying the above as I drive and train my way around...
  8. Litmus

    Popped my cherry, 1st explosive fermentation

    So this has never happened to me before, but I had my 1st explosive fermentation. I'm pretty sure this is because I have been slowly pushing the maximum of what I can squeeze into my conicals. I brewed the same size batch two weeks ago using Nottingham and didn't have an issue, that was...
  9. Litmus

    Who do you believe, hydrometer or refractometer?

    Hi All, I have a brew currently on the go, and I'm bumping up against a trust issue. I have two refractometers and an older hydrometer. I have confirmed all are reading the same in distilled water. However, they are wildly different in the wort. The two refractometer are reading 7 Brix (one...
  10. Litmus

    You know you have gone to far when ...?

    So, I thought it would be fun to poke fun at our selves. If you homebrew long enough at some point, you're going to have an idea as good as it seems when you get round to it you realise you may have overdone it! :) After reading about the benefits of a good starter, it seemed like a no-brainer...
  11. Litmus

    Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey Boarder Meet up

    HI All, If I organise a meet up on the border of these three counties is anyone interested? I would like an opportunity to meet other local home brewers and maybe down the line collaborate on some projects. I was thinking somewhere like http://www.thealfredfreehouse.co.uk/beer.html The Alfred...
  12. Litmus

    Chocloate goes POP

    Hi All, So, I wanted to share an interesting taste test I did. Below are two IPA I brewed. I love to do my taste test in whiskey drams :) Same water treatment same mash profile etc. This is the recipe: Altering only the crystal malt and pale rye malt in for the Choc malt and barley...
  13. Litmus


    HI All, After fermentation fished, I pitched my clearing fining and this appeared a day or so later. Looks to me like I have some kind of bacterial infection? Sorry not great photos. Or is this just the finings clumping around something?
  14. Litmus

    Finings - Where and When

    Hi All, I have two conicals with two Ales ending fermentation about now. I have been draining the trub off every few days. I'm planning to crash cool over the next few days and then do a final trub removal. I want to add my isinglass finings to the conical and then move to keg 48 hours after...
  15. Litmus

    D.W.B vs Burton Water Cystals

    Hi All, so, I have been using D.W.B for a while now to provide the right quantities of Calcium and thus the correct PH in both the mash and pre-boil. What I'm not clear on is when and if I should use Burton Water crystal. I'm not sure how much overlap there is in these products thus a better...
  16. Litmus

    I've gone on conical

    HI All, well after reading and looking reading some more I decided to say goodby to the buckets and go conical; push slightly over the edge by the fact I got as a pair these for just over £200. Chopped up and old pallet I had been meaning to take to the dump and they will gravity straight...
  17. Litmus

    Double Drop - and more questions

    Hi All, so, I know most people use a fridge to ferment in because of the temperature stability it offers, however I have been on a number of brewery tours and the primary (Round) and Secondary (Conical) fermented they use rarely seem to be temperature controlled or am I missing something? My...
  18. Litmus

    Ticking Boxies

    HI All, I looking to start (or continue) my brewing adventures by ticking some boxes. What I mean by that is I would like to nail down and create a repeatable recipe for the core set of beers that all another beers branch off of. I found this diagram http://www.deja-brew.com/images/family.gif...
  19. Litmus

    New Here

    HI All, Just wanted to stop in and say hi :thumb: 40 plus male from Hampshire, made a few brews just hoping to hang out with like minded people and share stories, advice and get tips. I'm really interested in the idea of sustainable brewing. Thanks L