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  1. joel

    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Count me in, I'd love a gen 2 fermentasaurus kit. A conical with the ability to dump trub and harvest yeast would be a total game changer for me.
  2. joel

    Verdant IPA Yeast at Geterbrewed

    At least for a while after the exploding can issue Verdant switched to Lallemand New England, so unless Lallemand developed a new strain for them closer to their original London ale III house strain it could just be a re-branding exercise... Although the lower pitch rate required suggests at...
  3. joel


    The Iberital MC2 is pretty good and is really good for the relatively low price. Mine is doserless and is a bit messy and it has no calibration marks so changing bean type involves some guesswork. But the grind is pretty good, will do any espresso grind (but not coarser grinds for other methods)...
  4. joel


    I just got a Kitchenaid Artisan dual boiler (made for them by Gaggia I believe, it's basically a dual boiler Classic in a retro shell) after struggling along with a dying Ascaso Dream I won for £1 online for the last year, both with the Iberital MC2 grinder. I always get a good espresso out of...
  5. joel

    ENDED (Winner: Aaron Rennie) *GIVEAWAY #2* 1Kg of Hops! Draw 15th June

    Yes, love me some hops... count me in!
  6. joel

    Beaverdale Pinot Grigio

    Personally I don't associate Pinot Grigio with oak flavours, I think all the white kits get the same bits added to the box. When I made it I left it out and it came out really well, probably the best white kit I've made so far, certainly better than all the Tesco £5 bottles I've been served.
  7. joel

    Brewers Gold Crouch Vale

    Wibblers brewery also sell their yeast in their online shop, their strain is from Crouch Vale, should be pretty similar, but it needs a starter.
  8. joel

    Spring ale yeast

    Wai-iti is delicious but a bit delicate, needs a really neutral yeast to shine IMO. I'd say US05 for sure.
  9. joel

    Sauvignon blanc best kit out there

    The Atmosphere kit should be awesome, I've heard great things about it. In the future you might like to also try Beaverdale or California Connoisseur for white kits, all the ones I've done have stood up well to commercial wine although maybe a little generic, for example the sauvignon blanc is...
  10. joel

    * October Give Away * It's MASSIVE!

    Ooo yes please count me in!
  11. joel

    Best value hops for tropical juicy ipa

    El Dorado is an interesting NEIPA hop when blended with other hops, watermelon and candy are common descriptions. I liked it with Idaho 7 in a super hoppy wheat. Bravo is also an underrated hop. This article is interesting, suggests a blend of 70% Calypso and 30% Bravo as a good sub for Citra...
  12. joel

    New World Saison - why so malty?

    Old hops can simply lack flavour, or can taste cheesy or soapy, or like old cut grass. If it's old hops the flavour may improve after leaving it for a couple of months an the dry hop flavour will fade away. I had an infection last year where it took a while to develop but the first symptom was...
  13. joel

    New World Saison - why so malty?

    I take it you put the dry hops in? At what stage did you add them?
  14. joel

    Beer Hawk Sale - 60% off.....

    Bought several packs of hops yesterday, their website is so slow some of the items sold out before I finished checking out. Still got plenty at half price. Hopefully having multiple ounce packages won't take up my entire freezer compared to the equivalent in 100g bags or I won't be popular. May...
  15. joel

    What did you brew today?

    My water is 267ppm... Used 34mls of CRS in my bitter yesterday (for 28L of water)! Hopefully won't end tasting like phosphoric acid. Previous beers have come out well using Brupaks CRS and DLS though so not worried. Bitter was 3.5kg Golden Promise, 150g each of caramalt and torrified wheat, 100g...
  16. joel

    Stout - best yeast to use?

    Well I like everything about S-04 except the taste! Something in it disagrees with my taste buds and it comes across dry, bland and a bit tart (kinda like unsweetened yoghurt), even if the FG tells me there should be residual sweetness. This is the only yeast I get this with, I see some people...
  17. joel

    Stout - best yeast to use?

    If you have a Wilko nearby you could get the Wilko (Gervin) ale yeast which is cheap and reliable and fine for stouts. Amazon do plenty of yeasts, as do ebay, but it works out a little pricey because of postage. Stout can use pretty much any decent ale yeast, although I'd avoid belgian ale...
  18. joel

    Rodent Incursion

    Here in North London we have tons of rats. I kept a bunch of homebrew stuff in our shed when we first moved here but everything got chewed, there's now lots I have to store inside. I've heard stories of rats chewing their way into plastic tubs... so I bought a big metal dustbin to store grain in...
  19. joel

    Brew Toad closing down

    Sad! I have dozens of recipes saved, several dating back to the days of Hopville which Brewtoad swallowed up several years ago. It's going to be a big faff to make all of them 'BeerXML' and then find new software that will import them that either a) doesn't suck or b) doesn't cost more than I...
  20. joel

    The Knowledge.........please

    Any of the pale coopers kits would work OK, the Original series lager can often be found for fairly cheap and it's quite moderate on the bitterness so good for adding extra hops. The Australian Pale Ale is also a good one to add hops etc too and is a probably fairly similar to Hop House colour...