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  1. Bigjas

    Is anyone using Flavouring Additions in their beers?

    I was browsing the Malt Miller website whilst putting an order together today and stumbled across these Flavouring Additions https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product-category/ingredients/flavourings-herbs-spices/ Has anyone ever used any of them? If so, what were they like? I have purchased...
  2. Bigjas

    Beer Hawk Sale - 60% off.....

    Just received an email promoting Beer Hawks 60% off sale Might be of use to someone. https://www.beerhawk.co.uk/browse-homebrew/homebrew-sale
  3. Bigjas

    Photobucket U Turn

    It seems that Photobucket has seen sense after getting greedy last year and turned on the 3rd party hosting again. My photos that disappeared on this forum and others have come back again. https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2018/05/17/photobucket-drops-pricing-that-angered-millions.html Jas
  4. Bigjas

    CO2 suppliers in Hampshire

    I have just been given a Corny Keg for my birthday (Mrs Bigjas is a keeper) so I need to find a local supplier of CO2. I live in Fareham and after searching this forum and Google I have come up with Andover Patio Centre. Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere nearer to the south...
  5. Bigjas

    Base Malts

    I have always used Maris otter for my base malt, and now I'm looking to experiment a bit with my ingredients. I have been looking at the other base malts and I stumbled across this malt - Crisp Clear Choice Ale Malt. https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=508 Has...
  6. Bigjas

    Krausen Size

    I have completed 14 AG brews now and I am very happy with the beer I am brewing. I have often seen brewers talking about massive Krausens and having to use blow off tubes going in to bottles etc. This has never happened to any of my brews and I was wondering why? I reckon the Krausen on my...
  7. Bigjas

    Mini Keg Guitar Amplifier

    I like making things, I also enjoy playing Guitar and Bass Guitar in a few local bands. I had a Hobgoblin mini keg kicking around in the garage that I have been meaning to use to store beer, but never got round to it. So I thought why not turn it in to a little guitar amp..... I bought a small...
  8. Bigjas

    Is the Hop drought over?

    Looks like the Hop drought of 2015 might be over? I didn't realize Germany was such a big Hop grower? Bet the prices don't come down due to the weak pound though...... http://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-hops-idUSKCN1201CY Jas
  9. Bigjas

    Timothy Taylor Brewing Process Video

    I stumbled across this video showing the brewing process for Timothy Taylor beers. I found it quite interesting, man that was a lot of hops going in.......:thumb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cak4stt9v4
  10. Bigjas

    Building an Inkbird ITC - 1000F for my brew fridge

    I thought I would have a go at making my own temperature control for my brew fridge. I also like documenting my builds and experiences, so here it is. First off, this is not a tutorial, I am not an electrician or have any electrical experience, just getting my excuses in early…….. I...
  11. Bigjas

    Honey Malt

    I have just bought some Honey Malt for an AG brew. Has anyone used it before? If so, have you got some idea on how much to use? I want to make a pale ale and was thinking 10%. Jas
  12. Bigjas

    James Morton on BBC Radio 2

    Just listened to James Morton promoting home brewing on BBC Radio 2. Nice little discussion on starting home brewing with Steve Wright. Here if you missed it http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03yfct9 Jas
  13. Bigjas

    My 2nd AG Brew day with a home made boiler....

    I have got the brewing bug after my first go at AG brewing. My first brew was only 5 litres due to the equipment I had to hand and it took 4.5 hours to do. So I have been thinking about getting an Ace boiler as they seem quite well respected on here, but cant stump up the �£100 at the...
  14. Bigjas

    When to add sugar?

    I am planning my second AG brew and like my first one I am using a recipe that is tried and tested. This time I am using one from Graham Wheelers book. The recipe states it needs white sugar and this is listed with the grain bill under the mash section. So my question is; when do you add the...
  15. Bigjas

    My 1st AG brew day

    Yesterday was my first go at AG brewing after successfully making 2 kits over the last few months. I have been wanting to do this for a while now and have been reading and gathering bits and bobs over the last month. I got given an old tea urn/boiler from a mate, but it is only 8 litres in size...
  16. Bigjas

    BIAB Setup

    I am looking for some words of wisdom regarding a BIAB setup. I am very new to brewing and have brewed a couple of kits with success and would like to get in to AG brewing. I have read a lot of information on here about AG brewing and think BIAB is the way to go for me at this time. I am not...
  17. Bigjas

    S30 valve failure

    Do these valves fail often? I bought a new King Keg with the S30 valve with a pin for 8g C02 chargers. I thought I would try one out before filling my Keg with Youngs AAA and I'm glad I did, it was hissing from the pressure relief hole on the side of the valve. It's a new valve never used before...
  18. Bigjas

    Hello from Fareham

    Another hobby and another forum :thumb: My name is Jas and I have just started home brewing. I had a go about 25 years ago and it seems the hobby has moved on considerably since then. I am currently brewing a Youngs American Amber Ale that came with a start up kit from my local home brew...