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  1. steveinUS

    Lithuanian Krupnikas (honey liqueur) recipe

    Best friends’ son recently married a lovely young lady whose family has Lithuanian roots. The bridal party made a large batch of Krupnikas which is a strong (95 proof) spiced cordial made with honey, water, grain alcohol and spices. The bride was kind enough to share the family’s recipe, which...
  2. steveinUS

    Christmas on TV

    I was 12 years old when Santa Claus is Coming To Town first aired. Together with How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, these shows are still a big part of my holiday pleasures. However, it wasn't until years later...
  3. steveinUS

    Renewed faith in todays youths

    Our middle son is a co-director of a large high school band program here in Maryland. For a young man, he has been a music educator for a long time (marching band, 7 year elementary school music director, a trumpet academy, and a private trumpet studio). This is his first full-time high school...
  4. steveinUS

    The Tolerant Spouse (including mine)

    My wife is away visiting her family, leaving the dog and me to fend for ourselves. Friends have been over to break the monotony, and to have some beers. As we were browsing through the beer fridges, I heard again from them about how lucky I am to have the spouse that I have. And it is true...
  5. steveinUS

    Scotland trip itinerary assist, please

    Wife and I will be visiting Scotland in Spring 2020 (late April to early May our first trip outside the U.S. since our Cancun honeymoon 35 years ago). I’m building our itinerary and would greatly appreciate any kind feedback and reality checks on what we have thus far. Dates of flights are...
  6. steveinUS

    Scotch Quail Eggs, coming up

    52 quail eggs to be soft-boiled and peeled, then made into Scotch Eggs. I’ll probably serve them with a raspberry-mustard dipping sauce. They are way more work than is justified, but they’re just the right size for a bar snack, and the women are impressed and think they’re sooo cute. The meat...
  7. steveinUS

    Legalization of homebrewing in the U.S.

    On October 14, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed bill HR1337, which included the federal legalization of home beer- and winemaking. Just thought I'd get that in before the day was over here. Cheers acheers.
  8. steveinUS

    Heather Honey for Mead?

    I'm hopeful for some insight from UK mead makers on using 100% heather honey for a mead. I've brewed many batches, and lately have come to use only locally-sourced honey. In anticipation of our trip to Scotland in Spring 2020, the notion of acquiring some Scottish heather honey to bring or...
  9. steveinUS

    Greetings from the U.S.

    Hi everyone, I've been browsing your Forum for a little while and thought I should join and contribute. We are in the U.S. (specifically Westminster, Maryland) and my wife and I are planning a trip to Scotland in the spring. My excuse for making the trip is Border Terriers 2020, the 100th...