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  1. trevorS

    Grain supply Lincolnshire

    I found a supplier of grain local to me and thought it may help others in my locality HOME - Lincolnshire Brewery Langworth lincolnshire Contact Karl or Claire
  2. trevorS

    Harvesting Yeast

    I am thinking of freezing some yeast in glycerin and the you tube video suggests using yeast slurry, so my question is should I make a two liter starter as i do for each brew and freeze whatever volume of yeast it produces or would I get more yeast from harvesting from slurry any help would be...
  3. trevorS


  4. trevorS

    Torriefied wheat and torriefied wheat malt

    are they the same thing in Greg Hughes yorkshire bitter he calls for Torriefied wheat and in a later recipe he calls for Torriefied wheat malt?
  5. trevorS

    Yeast confusion

    Been brewing kits for years with dried yeast with no problems , recently started AG, on to brew 12 now i think all been fine some cloudy but all drinkable ( very much so) but now i find myself looking at the more expensive liquid yeasts and the methods of growing and using them batch size re...
  6. trevorS

    Dust in crushed grain stuck sparge.

    I have just completed my 4th all grain brew all 20 l finished, the first went fine, a little short on volume but no problem ( beginners luck) ,but the second third and fourth I ended with a stuck sparge the first three were with a copper manifold with saw cuts ( which I might widen ) and the...
  7. trevorS

    Challenger hops strength

    I have a pale ale recipe that asks for 35g challenger @ 7% i have challenger 5.1 % can i just add more to get the same effect?
  8. trevorS

    HOPS ? newbi question

    Only ever done kit beers but finally got most of the equip needed for all grain! Reading recipes on here and elsewhere i see recipes with as many as ten different hops listed , so my question is do you use all these different hops or just choose one? Also looking for a pale ale / lager type...