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  1. Dave Parry

    Does beer taste worse than before?

    I went to a pub in England this evening, for the first time in 100 days. It was my usual after tennis pint with my mates at the local and I was quite looking forward to a Timothy Taylor Landlord. However, huge disappointment. The beer tasted like some of my home brew when I drink it too soon...
  2. Dave Parry

    Forgot the Campden tablet again

    I need to hook up a reminder when I am filling the hot liquor tank as there is a 50-50 chance that I will forget the Campden tablets, which I did again this weekend. I realise it is there to take the chlorine out of the water to avoid it reacting badly with the malt. Can anyone describe the...
  3. Dave Parry

    New logo/avatar

    I thought I’d unveil my new logo to you all. I had a version I’d painted on my garage wall but I’ve just paid someone $20 through Upwork to tidy it up for me. I’m thinking of getting some circular stickers made to put on bottles/kegs. What do you think?
  4. Dave Parry

    20L catering urn

    Just seen a link to this in the Brewing Equipment Thread: Generic CTRN18 Catering Urn, Hot Water Boiler & Dispenser, Ideal for Home Brewing, Commercial or Office Use, 18 Litre Capacity:Amazon.co.uk:Kitchen & Home I've got a second hand one in perfect working order, but has 2 x 25mm holes...
  5. Dave Parry

    Cheap fermenter chiller idea - comments

    I’ve stupidly decided to brew a Kellerbier using lager yeast just as the weather gets warm. In my efforts to get the FV temperature down I’ve been having a few thoughts. Here is Mark 1. You can’t upload videos here I don’t think so here is a link to it on YouTube: Small 12V submersible pump...
  6. Dave Parry

    HLT & MT Automation

    Just thought I’d update you on a little project I’m working on. The objective is to automate the heating of the strike water and the mashing so that the first 2+ hrs of brew day can happen while I am sleeping or at work. Note I have built a simple HERMS system (coiled 10mm copper pipe from...
  7. Dave Parry

    My Draft Syndicate Brochure - Comments Please

    Some of you may have seen my recent thread talking about the beer duty implications of sharing a brewery and distributing the product for domestic use only. Having got clearance from HMRC that this is exempt as per their Excise Note 226 Para 4.4, I am now going to see if I can drum up support...
  8. Dave Parry

    Brewing Syndicate - do regs apply?

    I’ve been brewing on my 20 L set up for a couple of years and I’m now thinking of upgrading to a 1 bbl nano-brewery system by joining forces with a few brewing friends. The plan will be to all chip in an equal amount to buy the equipment and then just split the cost of ingredients. We will each...