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  1. jimbo1982

    2 can brew

    I have a wilko hoppy copper bitter and a black rock bock kit and if I'm honest I don't know if I want to do them on their own. I was thinking of combining the 2 maybe with a dry hop but was wondering if anyone had done anything similar? Don really want to waste them if its not likely to work out.
  2. jimbo1982

    Black rock bock

    Thinking of putting this on with 500gr demerara and 500gr medium dme. Doees anyone have any experience with this kit? And if so what did you use?
  3. jimbo1982

    Cider kit recomendations

    looking for recomendation on a decent cider kit. I've never done a cider so don't know what to go for. Don't want anything fancy, just a nice crisp apple cider.
  4. jimbo1982

    Carbing a stout

    looking for information on how many carbonation drops per 500ml for a coopers irish stout. Some say 1, others say 2 and I have even seen 1.5 mentioned. I'm looking for similar carb level to black sheep milk stout.
  5. jimbo1982

    Quick question

    I bottled my rajas reward on 13/2 some in glass and some in plastic bottles. Checked earlier and the plastic bottles are now rock hard. Does this mean it's carbonated and it's time to put in the cold? Seems very quick to me (just shy of a week)but I'm still learning so have to ask. Forgot to...
  6. jimbo1982

    Help needed

    I have a tom caxton best bitter on the go at the moment and it seems to be stuck. Starting gravity was 1044 and seems to be stuck at 1012ish. Temp has been between 18-20 degrees but I did notice a drop to 17 degrees when I got up this morning. It's been in the fv for 8 days. I have some wilko...
  7. jimbo1982

    Cartons best bitter

    Hi all. Just managed to pick up a caxtons best bitter for £6.50 in wilkos. Bit of a bargain I thought, especially as there is nothing wrong/missing from it. Does anybody have any idea how best to brew it? Have got some muntons brew enhancer. Would that be ok or would I need more fermentables...
  8. jimbo1982

    Coopers stout question

    Can anybody advise how much priming sugar I should use for 20l coopers stout. Going to bottle this and was thinking about 80gr-100gr but not sure. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  9. jimbo1982


    I've got a coopers stout in the fv at the minute and I want to bottle it. Problem is I only have 750ml swing tops. Are these too big? Not worried about priming as I'm going to batch prime when I transfer to the bottling bucket. Just seems like the bottles are a bit on the large side.
  10. jimbo1982

    barrel help

    I have just barrelled some bitter and noticed this morning that there is a leak around the tap. Its not where the tap meets the barrel but where the tap itself slits in (if you know what I mean. I did put Vaseline around all the joints so don't know what to do. If I pop the tap out it will leak...
  11. jimbo1982

    My first pint

    Just thought I would post a pic of my first pint. It's a coopers canadian blonde and this is before it goes in the cold for a while. Had 2 weeks in the bottle in a warm room. Really pleased with it even though it's probably not ready yet...
  12. jimbo1982


    Can someone tell me if it's ok to put wine in swing top bottles? I have a wilko strawberry wine that is in the clearing process and I don't have any wine bottles or corks/corker. I do have a load of 750ml swing tops tho both clear and brown.
  13. jimbo1982

    Need some advice

    I have got myself a wilko pressure barrel and I want to put my hoppy copper bitter in it when the time comes. once the priming sugar carbs the beer up how long will it stay carbed? Also how do I keep it cold as it won't fit in the fridge and I don't fancy drinking warm bitter.? I should add that...
  14. jimbo1982

    Little bottler

    So I've got my little bottler and I want to fit the tap to my bucket but does anybody know what diameter hole I will need to drill? I think 22mm will be ok but there are no instructions so I'm not sure.
  15. jimbo1982


    I am looking to get my second brew on the go tomorrow. I have a wilko hoppy copper bitter kit and I want to add 1kg young's brew enhancer and 500gr medium dry malt extract. Will this be ok? I'm New to this and want to have a bit of a tinker with this bitter.
  16. jimbo1982

    How full

    Might sound like a daft question but when bottling how close to full should a bottle be filled? I know it will need to be close to the very top but is to the bottom of the threads enough? Should mention, the bottles will be 500ml pet bottles. Cheers Jim
  17. jimbo1982

    Hi All

    New to brewing and to the forum. Just thought I would introduce myself so you all know me once I start asking daft questions. I'm Jim from Liverpool and decided that I wanted to try my hand at homebrew. The main reason is because I don't go fishing in the winter so need a hobby to get me through...