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  1. illdawg

    Cheapest CO2 supplier in Cardiff/SE Wales

    That's the one. I live in Cardiff and work in Pencoed, and Cross Farm is right at the intersection where you get on the a48 coming down from Pencoed. They were super friendly there and I believe all Adams Gas suppliers charge the same. I think it is something like £15 for a refil, I use a...
  2. illdawg

    Cheapest CO2 supplier in Cardiff/SE Wales

    Are GMF open again? I've been getting my Adams Gas refils from Cross Farm out by Cowbridge during lockdown
  3. illdawg

    Bulldog, Evil Dog Double IPA

    I've had better results from the Bulldog teabags by popping a few larger holes in them with a toothpick or something similar. This seems to let more wart pass through and lets more flavor out without getting too much sediment in the brew.
  4. illdawg

    Fermentation Vessel

    I've been using the same plastic bucket for more than 5 years now. i've just upgraded to a conical SS fermenter. The tap means that I don't need to siphon any more, and I wanted something bullet proof that I can clean easily and quickly without having to worry about nasties hiding in dings in...
  5. illdawg

    The Home Brew Company AG beer kit RAFFLE!!!

    I'm in for this, looks awesome