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  1. stz

    So who's growing chillies this year?

    Do people put plants into greenhouses over winter or inside or in garages or what? I've about 28 plants outside at the moment started from seed indoors in january and I feel it'd be worth trying to keep them alive over winter. Garage is prob warmer than the greenhouse tbh for me.
  2. stz

    Trub bread?

    One part of this is do I want to make bread with a brewing yeast? (yes, why not, it works) The other part is do I want to make beer with trub? (not really, why would you?) I keep a sour dough starter going for baking. It has four strains of 'normal' brewing yeast (1 english, 2 french, 1...
  3. stz

    CO2 volume in kegged beer

    < 1.603, but likely a bit less. https://calistry.org/calculate/vanDerWaalsCalculator You'll need a and b constants for co2. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/non-ideal-gas-van-der-Waals-equation-constants-gas-law-d_1969.html You can now calculate how many moles of co2 will occupy 600ml of...
  4. stz

    Corny keg newbie

    Also didn't answer what you asked. It is almost impossible to get a random empty cylinder refilled. If you've a cylinder with an in date test certificate on it you might find a fire extinguisher or welding place who will do it, but everybody else will be very wary and forget it if it is some old...
  5. stz

    Corny keg newbie

    I have a couple of places nearby, though not that convenient which will do a bottle for £15 deposit and £10 swap/refill. A bottle lasts me a over a year so I used to prefer that to paying rental. I've accounts with BOC for nitrogen and Energas for propane and co2 as well as a pub bottle supplier...
  6. stz

    Desktop dining

    Sit with the guys either outside in the sun or inside the tap room. Share the occasion interesting beer (like one or two split between 4-5 of us for research purposes), swap lunch items, maybe somebody has made some bread, made something interesting to eat like a cake, sometimes play darts, bit...
  7. stz

    Corny keg newbie

    You'll need an adaptor to go from soda stream to the standard DIN477 / W21.8-14 / BS341 #8 thread you'll find on most industry regulators. Personally I'd rather go to 'proper' cylinders and just screw that regulator direct to it, but the difficulty in obtaining cylinders might put you off plus...
  8. stz

    Storing/Reusing Starter Wort

    I would typically advise against reusing starter wort because it isn't worth the risk to save it. But that said I've bottled some boiling wort before with the intention to use later on at home once it had cooled down. I put it in the fridge and forgot about it. It was fine for a few months...
  9. stz

    Clean in place - mounting the pump

    I CIP without issue. I do have flexible pipes though. I use a three vessel stainless system. I do have to prime my pump with either manual filling of the pipework or by carefully starting a siphon on the out pipe. Ideally you have the pump and heat exchanger below the copper and you can crack...
  10. stz

    Ascorbic Acid and Beer

    I detect it in a fair few 'craft' sours. The idea often being that it wasn't quite tangy enough prior to packaging. Especially in the ones labelled 'sherbet'. Edit. Not the product you describe, but straight ascorbic acid.
  11. stz

    the world turned upside down

    The older I get the less I seem to need sleep. Sleep anytime from 10pm onwards, usually by 11:30. Usually up around 5am, sometimes 6am. Can't lay in on the weekends, once I'm awake I'm awake and up, occasionally manage to sleep in until 7-7:30 if I've been up until past midnight. When I was...
  12. stz

    Shiny FV

    For me a lot comes down to does it work with my current system? Like I can fit 3x30L in my fermentation freezer so ... it has to compare to that. Most of the SS conical stuff is way too big. So then I've got no temperature control so I've got the think about that. I'd not touch coils inside the...
  13. stz

    Elderflower wine mould....

    When working with any fruit or anything that floats which is in something for a while and certainly after high krausen/vigorous fermentation has completed you do need to submerge it somewhat, break the surface tension, agitate it or something to limit potential mould growth on the exposed dry...
  14. stz


    The main issues I encounter with keg vs cask are usually down to misunderstanding. Sometimes it seems a bit like wilful ignorance, but if people aren't open to new ideas, changing their minds or whatever then I'm not interested in being drawn into their argument. Usually they are just rehashing...
  15. stz

    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    Well this is one of the weirder looking ones. Looks a bit like ... dessicated coconut? It'll stick to a glass though easily turns to nothing with some finger pressure, it has no substance. I did think I had a weird mould or something, but after having it under a microscope it literally is just...
  16. stz

    Atmosphere/kenridge amarone wine kit

    Probably? But they are basically ... Add almost everything to a sanitised fermenter. Top up to 23L. Try to keep it between 21-25C for a week. After a week it'll drop some yeast and sediment so move it to another sanitised fermenter. After a week check gravity until terminal gravity is observed...
  17. stz

    Atmosphere/kenridge amarone wine kit

    I did the shiraz one to the letter due to the price and have the trilogy one fermenting at the moment. I thought it was a PITA moving it about all those times and thought the flavour suffered from the pretty extensive fining and stabilisation. It was however very nice. With the trilogy I'm not...
  18. stz

    Highest ABV

    Forgot to ask ... why didn't you get on with the chillies? I've done a couple of chilli beers and they've been ... ok? The problem is they've been an afterthought. Here though I've a lot of complimentary flavours and the peppers themselves are almost without heat. By themselves they taste less...
  19. stz

    Highest ABV

    I've done a few dark beers with cherries. A lot depends on what the taste of the fruit product is like in the first place. I've used freeze dried power (good flavour, very tart, clearly cherry, easy to work with, low losses, expensive unless you bulk buy, expect to use at least 200-300g in 20L)...
  20. stz

    Refermentation question

    I don't want to advise doing something different to a proven recipe as the proof is often in the beer, but there is often more than one way to skin a cat. Personally I'd look to use a greater quantity of oak chips for a shorter duration, say 10-14 days and then let the 6 months of ageing happen...