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  1. EG_Wanna_Be

    Labelling your bottles (with your own labels)

    Hey guys! I have already learned so much from this forum, and I wanted to do a bit to give back wherever possible! I am a big fan of being creative, and long before I got interested in brewing beer, I have mucked about in different visual mediums, most relevant to this exercise is a few years...
  2. EG_Wanna_Be

    Is hop availability seasonal?

    Hey guys! I have recently fallen in love with really hoppy IPAs, and have just had availability in two FVs for something new. I would like to look at Extract brewing, but if I were, I'd be aiming for a really hoppy IPA. I have found a few recipes for similar tastes, and I am finding that a lot...
  3. EG_Wanna_Be

    Priming Quanitity - Brewing Sugar

    Hey guys! I bottled last night, and I am wondering if someone can give me a non-scientific but reasonable to follow way of estimating the amount of priming sugar/solution to use? I ended up going with 70g of brewing sugar for about 18L of beer, though I ended up finding a Nomograph which said...
  4. EG_Wanna_Be

    The next step from Kit brewing

    So my first kit has been bubbling away for six days now, and I have spent a large portion of those six days trawling through this forum, as well as other resources on the web, and whilst I have enjoyed the kit stuff, I don't know if I will be getting too excited to do it again. I think the...
  5. EG_Wanna_Be

    Maintaining temperatures in FV

    Hey guys! I am a few days into my first brew, and whilst the FV is bubbling away happily enough, I have been struggling to maintain a consistent temperature. It has ranged anywhere from 14-18 Degrees Celsius, probably not the worst, but I would prefer it to be somewhere around 18-20 from what I...
  6. EG_Wanna_Be

    A slight panic... VWP usage

    Hi there! I put together my first brew from a kit last night, but in doing some reading on here today, I think I have really screwed up. In watching a friend of mine do an all-grain brew last week, he sanitized everythign within an inch of its life, though I didn't think about what he was...
  7. EG_Wanna_Be

    New guy from Edinburgh

    Hey guys! I have just started brewing, and I am looking forward to the results. The process was fun, even from a kit! I am based in Edinburgh, and my favourite beer would be Brewdog's Punk IPA, though I have just recently come back from a visit to Canada that has left me in awe of a...