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  1. eyuptm

    CO2 management

    Hi, hope you're all keeping well and safe. Just wanted to run this by you before I commission it, to see whether you find it workable, and above all, safe? Waiting on the fourth secondary regulator and the threaded barbs, then it's time to test it... Would hard 8mm line or soft plastic be...
  2. eyuptm

    Pressuring mini kegs

    Hi hive minds, been idly fiddling this morning with bits I have in the shed, whilst waiting for my Fermzilla to arrive. Came up with this plan: Had some car Schrader valves knocking about, and wondered, just wondered, if they'd fit the top bung of a minikeg... Wheel, whaddya know, like it...
  3. eyuptm

    Beer fridge wiring help

    Hi. Any HVAC engineers lurking here? Just acquired a big pub-type beer fridge, non working when I got it, but cleaned the compressor relay contact and away it went! Only problem is that the maximum temperature achievable with the inbuilt control is 10°C, which is a little low for me. Was...
  4. eyuptm

    Festival Razorback stuck at 1012

    Hi all, anyone done this kit and had it stick at around 1012? Been in FV for 17 days, at 18.5° in ferm fridge, and last 3 days it hasn't budged... Still airlock activity, so I've upped the temperature to 19.5 now, see if that kick-starts it again!! Smells lovely from the samples, though!!
  5. eyuptm

    Is it possible to fill bottles from a cask-conditioned cask?

    Hi all, not strictly a what I'm drinking query, but can't seem to find the "post new thread" button... Is it possible to fill bottles from a cask-conditioned cask? I ask because I may have the chance to buy a 9gallon pin (??) from my recently-closed pub, and have loads of bottles. The beer is...
  6. eyuptm

    RO filter systems

    Hi all, Hoppy New Year to you all!! anyone have any experience of RO systems? I'm just about to embark on AG brewing (with a Robobrew) and will mainly be brewing IPS's and AIPA's. My water is hard (Windsor area), and I understand that softer water is preferable for these styles. I have lots of...
  7. eyuptm

    Bottling too cold??

    I think I might've dropped a b*block, I crash cooled my last brew (Festival Golden Stag) because I could, in my new brewfridge!! Then I racked into a bottling bucket with the priming sugar, then bottled. It was only when I had capped them and was moving them to the airing cupboard when I...
  8. eyuptm

    NOT stuck fermentation!!

    Help!!! Did 2 Festival Golden Stag kits 3 weeks ago today, was going to do the dry hop addition before I went away for the weekend last Friday, but forgot... Now I only have 3 days before I go away again, this time for 3 weeks, but- here's the rub- they're both still chugging away through the...