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  1. Keruso

    Ubbe or Lutra Kveik

    Anyone tried WHC labs Ubbe Kveik or Omega Lutra Kveik? Both are meant to be clean and neutral with larger like character, usual ultra fast fermentation at Kveik temperatures. Be good to hear experiences of sing either.
  2. Keruso

    Decant or chuck it all in ?

    I've made a 3 litre starter using Omega OYL-200, it's been 48 hours and still almost nothing has settled, I want to leave it at room temperature for another day, I was going to put it in the fridge but there's not enough time to get it back up to pitching temp as im brewing this weekend. However...
  3. Keruso

    Liquid yeast pitch rates

    I’m a bit frustrated with liquid yeast. I have recently started to use it, brew number four in the fermenter. All fermentations have struggled, Last brew using WLP051 finished too high at 1.020 I took hydrometer readings on days 11 to 14, it stayed at 1.020 so I kegged it, it wasn’t too sweet...
  4. Keruso

    Liquid versus dry yeast fermentation time

    Maybe a daft question but as a general rule of thumb does liquid yeast take longer to ferment than dry ? I’ve just started experimenting using liquid yeast after using dry for years. With the dry stuff I used mostly US05, S04, BRY97, Nottingham and found I would reach FG within a week, I would...
  5. Keruso

    Free yeast

    I have 6 packs of CML US Pale Ale yeast, best before Jan 2021. I've been planning my next brews, i'll be using liquid yeast for the forseeable future so I don't think I will use them. I have a few US05's and SO4's as backup if needed, so happy to send all six in one go for free. Please PM me...
  6. Keruso

    Tesco Ashbeck water treatment

    I have been reading strange-steve's superb water treatment guide as I haven't really done any water treatment other than adding half a campden tablet. I have a copy of my local water report, occasionally I use Tesco Ashbeck water, but mostly tap water (Portsmouth Water). Next brew I was thinking...
  7. Keruso

    Liquid yeast survival

    I bought three packs of liquid yeast from MM this week, I ordered the cold packs too. DPD were meant to deliver today, Friday 15/5, but I just got a text to say they are delayed and have cancelled today’s delivery and will try again on Monday. This means the yeast will be sitting in a warehouse...
  8. Keruso

    Yeast starter noob

    Hi, after a recent topic on the "five homebrew things I won't do" one of which I said was use liquid yeast, I need a little advice. My "go-to" brews are IPA's, I aim for an OG of 1.065 sometimes more but rarely if ever under. Whitelabs recommend three purepitch packs for a 1.065+ brew which...
  9. Keruso

    Cigar City Jai Alai Clone Dry Hopping

    There's a recipe for this on Brewers Friend which I plan to brew. I've not seen a dry hop schedule like this before, is it unusual ? any potential problems that may be encountered ? Recipe says to ferment at 18C, I think near or when FG is reached, add dry hops and drop the temperature by approx...
  10. Keruso

    Grainfather woes

    This weekend saw my first brew since GF released the new community and app software. I use the delayed heating function to heat the water to mash temp early in the morning so its ready when I start the mash-in. Before the software update this always worked fine. This time though, the controller...
  11. Keruso

    Flaked barley/oats/wheat - do they add fermentable sugar in the mash?

    I'm a grainfather owner. I use the grainfather online recipe tool. I often add flaked barley, flaked oats and flaked wheat to my recipes, each have a Points per Pound per Gallon (PPG) value and therefore contribute gravity points in the mash. However I've also read that flaked barley for example...
  12. Keruso

    Which CO2 cannister ?

    Hi, I brand new to kegging, just ordered the Draft Brewer Cannonball Mini Keg System in the Beer Hawk Sale. It's to see if kegging is for me and it's small so I can put it in a fridge so I though I would take the plunge. It comes with ball lock beer and gas lines and a CO2PO Single Body...
  13. Keruso

    Hop socks / bags, spiders or not

    I’m making IPAs mainly, often I’m putting 300-400g of hop pellets into the FV when dry hopping. My LHBS advice was to use a spider or bag given the large quantities of hops, I don’t cold crash so have stuck to using bags which are great at keeping hops from getting into the FV and therefore not...
  14. Keruso

    Fermentation fridge temperature control

    Apologies in advance for a really daft question but here goes... I have a STC1000 temperature control system, brew belt and a fridge where I ferment mostly IPAs so tend to set the temperature at 18c. I have used sticky tape to stick a couple of layers of bubble wrap to the FV which makes a...
  15. Keruso

    Using Servomyces

    Hello, I've started to use servomyces tablets to give the yeast a bit of help as I like to brew DIPA's which are typically OG 1070+. Prior to using servomyces I would rehydrate dry yeast, usually US05 or M44 then pitch, and within a few hours i'd get active fermentation lasting about a week...