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  1. wfr42

    March comp - freestyle

    It's rolled around to my next judging effort, sorry I've not added more to the forum in between. March is to be a freestyle month so looking forward to the entries that weren't quite ready and somethings a little bit different. Pm for address and good luck.
  2. wfr42

    Temperature of pressure barrels

    I have a batch in my pb in the shed after a week in the warm that appears to have lost carbonation. The shed thermometer is reading just under 10°c and when I open the pressure release valve band I get a hiss so there is co2 in the barrel. I used a co2 capsule to check it had sealed...
  3. wfr42

    Free (mostly) plastic bottles in Edinburgh

    80 500ml pet bottles with lids 10 500ml glass Koppaberg bottles 18 330ml plastic bottles (looks like they can be capped) Available for collection in Edinburgh. (I collected these tonight from someone who is moving and kept what I want/need).
  4. wfr42

    Priming with clarks maple syrup.

    Has anyone done it? Ingredients listed in this as Sugars from fruit 30% maple syrup Natural flavouring 86% carbohydrate 76% sugar in a 180ml bottle gives 137g of sugar. (Is it as straight forward as that?) If equivalent to table sugar that's 2.6 volumes so shouldn't be anything...
  5. wfr42

    Ikea digital thermometer

    I have been intending to pick up one of these http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/cookware/mixing-measuring-tools/fantast-meat-thermometer-timer-digital-black-art-20103016/ since starting ag brewing, but my wilko and inherited boots thermometer (which over reads by 1-2degrees) have been...
  6. wfr42

    Long conditioning recipes suggestions

    Taking stock of my bottles in the shed i have quite a few empties... My next planned brew is sessionable UK ipa, which I maybe can wait to brew as I have just bottled my hoppy Vienna pale. So suggestions for something dark (preferably) that I can stash away until xmas/the new year.
  7. wfr42

    Short notice bottle swap!

    Going to be posting out a bottle of my raspberry wheatbeer at some point tomorrow. Would anyone else like anything in my signature in exchange for....I have 2 spare bottle boxes to use.
  8. wfr42

    American craft beer

    I'm on holiday visiting various relatives in the states and of course sampling a variety of American beers. I'll admit I like my hoppy beers (or dark stouts) and am a bit indifferent to "brown" and amber ales. Most American craft beers I have found have been pushing 6% or more, but have been...
  9. wfr42

    Champagne yeast in f&b punch

    I have 2 demi Johns currently finishing up. I can see "champagne" bubbles in the dj so I'm wonder how much (if at all) I should prime these brews?
  10. wfr42

    Edinburgh brewers unite

    I've spotted brewstore do a monthly meeting but was wondering if there are other Edinburgh brewers interested in meeting up and splitting brew days or having the odd bottle swap?
  11. wfr42

    Cold crashing wheat beer?

    Wheat beer gurus, hope you can help me. Do I want to give my (first) AG wheat beer 24hrs out in the shed before bottling or do I want to leave the suspended yeast where it is as is to style?
  12. wfr42

    Mini kegs and other kit near Edinburgh

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/home-brewing-kit/1163999129 The owner has dropped his price at least once (I think twice) since I first spotted the ad. I'm tempted but don't think swmbo would be happy with me taking up more fridge space...
  13. wfr42

    That feeling...

    When you take a sip of something YOU brewed and it taste better than lots of the comericial drinks out there. Currently supping my 2nd all grain attempt as my 5th finishes boiling. Still find pints that don't taste as good as my first kit beer (youngs aipa). Long live the home brew...
  14. wfr42

    Spot the stout

    One of these pints is a stout, one is a soft drink and the third is dihyrogen oxide. Can you spot the stout?
  15. wfr42

    One can or two...

    One of these pints was from a one can kit, the other was from a 2 can kit. Can you spot which of these pints was from a two can kit?
  16. wfr42

    How I do bottling day.

    I thought I'd share some how I do bottling day to: - help out the newer members. - start a (bit of a) discussion. - get some tips for myself. Disclaimer this thread contains steps that work for me - I am not saying that they are right or wrong, just this is how I do it (as mentioned above...
  17. wfr42

    brewgooder crowd fund

    http://brewgooder.com/ Not sure if this has appears on other people's Facebook feeds etc. They have done a great job with social bite here in Edinburgh (not sure how national an initiative that has been). I thought this might be a way to get some more 330ml bottles and contribute something...
  18. wfr42

    Guess the AG beer.

    A variation on the last one as I don't appear to drink much commercial beer any more... Thought these 2 look very similar so good luck (promise they're from different batches).
  19. wfr42

    So which pint was homebrewed

    So which pint was homebrewed, beer A (top) or beer B (bottom)? .
  20. wfr42

    Guess the homebrewed beer.

    Just for fun. Which of these beers were brewed by me and which was brewed by someone doing it for money? Feel free to post your own - if others post their pints i suggest replies are phrased in the form WFR (or their user name) beer A (or B) is HB and we try and give the answer 24hrs after...