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  1. aamcle

    PBs 10liter 4inch???

    Having sorted out the tap on my 10 litre barrel I though thIs ask if there are any 10litre size pressure barrels with the larger 4" lid? Thanks All. aamcle
  2. aamcle

    Taps for PB's

    I need a new tap for a 1/2 size (10-12 litre) pressure barrel and I would prefer either the King Keg (round screw top) type or a metal tap. This is a barrel with a two inch top opening. What is the size of the tap needed 3 /4" BSP or something else? If you can recommend a supplier for a tap...
  3. aamcle

    De-gasing and clearing?

    I'm part way through making a WOW grape juice and app!e it has fermented out, I have siphoned into a demijohn and fitted an airlock. What now? Do I add stabaliser and finings and when it's clear bottle? At what point should I de-gas it? Thanks All.
  4. aamcle

    Plastic Pressure Barrel cooling?

    Plastic Pressure Barrels. I'll be using my 1/2 size barrels again as the weather cools into Autumn and Winter. I'd like to use them more but keeping them cool is difficult as they are in the garage and will have to stay there. Other than a fridge are you able to suggest any PRACTICAL ways to...
  5. aamcle

    First WOW some questions :)

    I have 2 x 1litre Welches Purple grape juice 1.4 litre pressed Apple juice and the usual chemicals and yeast. When I went to the Homebrew shop to buy the yeast (WineLoft StHelens very good) the owner recommended adding some sultanas or bananas to give the wine some body. I'm aiming for 6litre...
  6. aamcle

    Fruit Puree anybody?

    I have used Leonce Blanc and Funkin Pro puree in beer with good success has anybody used them to make wine? If so how much to a 5litre batch? They are not cheap but so easy to use, I'll be making another Raspberry Wheat beer next April or early May next year :) Atb. Aamcle
  7. aamcle

    Racking, racking and yet more...

    What need less racking? I've read about people racking wine many times, I know for sure that I'd just get frustrated with the messing about. WOW seems like a likely candidate but if I'm going to make wine I want to make good wine, would the use of fining agents reduce the number of times I'd...
  8. aamcle

    Making Red Wine

    I'm told I can't make a red wine because red wine is fermented on the grape skins. What would happen if I used Currants to rep!ace sultanas in a suit and wine? Currents seem to be made from a red grape. Atb. Aamcle
  9. aamcle

    Plastic stoppers?

    Years and years ago I seem to remember there were push in plastic stoppers for wine bottles I think my Mum used them when she made wine are they any good? I don't have one of those rams that pushes a cork into the bottle. Thanks
  10. aamcle

    How long to ferment?

    I don't want demijohns all over the place and I may even do larger volumes of I find something I like enough so I'll be fermenting in my temperature controlled brewing fridge. Brewing/frementing beer takes about 14 days then adding couple of days to cold crash that might be as long as 20 days...
  11. aamcle

    Many Questions. :)

    Months and months ago I asked about making a GOOD red as that seems unlikely unless I buy a very expensive kit I'm now considering country wines and WOW's. I have CJ Berrys book but based on the posts I have read here it seems dated so I have questions. 1, Is there a full "how to" available...
  12. aamcle

    Wine yeasts so slow?

    Why are wine yeasts so slow compared to beer yeasts? With a decent amount of yeast I can easily brew out a lager in 14 days but from what I have read wine seems to take weeks and weeks. As far as I understand it it's mainly simple sugars in wine like fructose they should go quickly. I can...
  13. aamcle

    Wine for a beer brewer?

    Good Morning All. I'm looking for advice, I normally brew beer, grain, hops, water and yeast. It's been a long time since I made wine, although I still have the equipment, as a result I don't know were to begin to make the wines I enjoy. I'll list a few types that I enjoy in the hope that it...
  14. aamcle

    HomeBrew Club meeting in Wigan.

    1st Wed of the month, just a few yards from the station!! All Welcome :). Find us on Facebook Atb. Aamcle
  15. aamcle

    Recommend a Recipe with Raspberries?

    After brewing a Raspberry Wheat I still have a pouch of Raspberry Puree (1kg) left over so I hope somebody can recommend an AG recipe they have brewed. I'm not after a sour/lambic style and I don't want to go over about 6% ABV and I'm happy to do a smaller batch of there isn't enough puree...
  16. aamcle

    Offer - Free Bottles

    I have a number of brown bottles, most with no lables and some swing tops. St Helens/ Newton-le-Willows. Aamcle
  17. aamcle

    Need a Big One? - Swap..

    I just got a tube heater for my freezer but it's a bit big at 60 cm, I can use it but a 30 cm heater would be much easier to use. If you fancy swapping your 30cm tube heater for mine please let me know. Atb. Aamcle
  18. aamcle

    Small freezer set up for keg.

    I selling my small freezer, it's setup to take a Corny and ideal if your short of space. Note. It's only the freezer that's for sale not the keg or the STC controller. Collection from Newton-le-Willows just North of Warrington. just £24. PM me :)
  19. aamcle

    WTB S30 valve

    Evening All. I would like to buy a S30 valve, I don't need a cap I'm hoping to get one of my old barrels back into use. Please PM me if you have one to sell. Atb. Aamcle
  20. aamcle

    Adapter, Corny Ball lock connector to S30.

    I have a Co2 cylinder that I use to pressurised my Corny kegs using ball lock connectors. I also have 2 very old but sound 2 gallon (2 inch neck) plastic pressure barrels. Probably older than some members here :) I would like to get some sort of pressure relief valve onto the barrel BUT I...