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  1. JohnnyPitralon

    Bulldog Premium Cider Toffee Apple

    This is an interesting one. The toffee apple aroma and taste are quite prominent. As such not bad but taste-wise a little overbearing. The whole concoction is on the sweet side. On its own I probably won’t brew this again. However, like Baldrick, I have a cunning plan. So far the best cider kit...
  2. JohnnyPitralon

    Mungrove Jack's Premium Apple Cider

    There is a lot of love in me for New Zealand, having spent two-and-a-half years there. Sadly, there is not much good I can say about this cider from Down Under. I admit I was a little suspicious right form the start. Firstly, for that price I expected one of the better kits, i.e. one that does...
  3. JohnnyPitralon

    Magnum Premium Gold Autumn Blush

    This time the Muntons staid in the keg. The secondary fermentation must have been quite good, as the pressure is considerable. For priming: 135g Muscovado sugar, dissolved in 200ml Aldi pressed apple juice Last reading: 1.000, resulting alcohol = 7.47% Anything special? = no bubbles came up...
  4. JohnnyPitralon

    Ciderworks Superior Dry Oak kit

    After the disaster with my first attempt (the contents leaked from the pressure keg and disappeared under the floorboards), instead of asking stupid questions I can now contribute something at last. The kit used was the Ciderworks Superior Dry Oak. I started on the 26th May and fermentation...
  5. JohnnyPitralon

    King Keg - total loss

    Here is something to laugh about for the week ahead: Instead of being able to report proudly about my very first batch of homemade cider in the next few days, I discovered today that it has found a final resting place under the floorboards in the kitchen aheadbutt:tinhat:. I am using a King...
  6. JohnnyPitralon

    How do I use a pressure bulb

    Hello Another one from the newbie: With my kit I bought a King pressure keg with an S30 bulb (8 grm) holder, including the valve conversion kit. Three days ago I racked the cider. Is there a particular time when I should fit the holder and inject gas? Having never used one of these before...
  7. JohnnyPitralon

    Can cider remain in bucket after fermentation?

    My cider seems to be coming to the end of the fermentation. Yesterday it was 1.011 and very little bubbling was visible this morning. However, I made a mistake with my initial equipment order and won’t get my syphon until Monday. Is it okay to leave it in the bucket for a couple of days or...
  8. JohnnyPitralon

    Oxygen ==> the enemy of cider too?

    Hello there Having dreamed of producing my own 'poison' for years, I have finally made the splash and started my first cider batch. However, spending time here in the forum has scared me a little. My plan was to transfer the cider after fermentation from the fermenter to the pressure barrel...