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  1. Ashley

    HELP! Foamy beer... but not the whole keg?!

    So this may have been covered by others previously so apologies if this is the case. I have a problem with every single keg I've put on. (Its only 6 kegs, about to put 7 and 8 on this weekened). The last 1/3 of the keg gets very foamy and I have to run some off into a big jug before the foam...
  2. Ashley

    I'm just excited

    So, I read a really good post on here about water treatment (I think by a gent named Steve) and I'll admit that a lot went over my head but I'd like to eventually get my head around that and start getting my PHs up etc. That said, not quite yet. I have however just bought some campden tablets...
  3. Ashley

    Hops Help

    i have a load of hops that i purchased in a sale. they're all vaccuum packed etc. but some that i've never used before.I have a 50l IPA planned and thought i would give these ago. What do Galaxy and Amarillo lend themselves well to? do they work well together? i tend to use Citra for aroma, do...
  4. Ashley

    Digiboil 65L kettle - Any feedback?

    Hi all, i have a 70l electric kettle with 2 x 2.4kw elements that require two cables running from seperate sockets. i've been using that kettle for about 3 years but at the end of last year, the plugs melted and caught fire mid brew day. i've switched the cables out now and that problem seems...
  5. Ashley

    Not so new but back after hiatus...

    Hi all, I moved to another country and started a demanding job so haven't had time to post. I've started a YouTube Channel documenting my isolation brew days etc. It's an old channel and I've deleted most of my videos including my TV viral video but if you'd like to see my setup and how I...
  6. Ashley

    Kegging AG Stout - no Nitrogen?

    When i bought my kegs and gear for my kegerator, the store gave me a Stout tap head. I've never brewed a stout before but as I'm in Ireland for work I'm sat here drinking Murphy's (because its nicer than Guiness) and thinking I'd like to brew a stout for those cold January and February nights...
  7. Ashley

    Pineapple and Mango essences

    I want to make a pineapple IPA and similarly a mango version. I spoke to a brewer at the weekend that said they use essence after fermentation in their commercial brews. How much essence is a safe amount for a 20l batch? Has anyone else used these things in a brew before?
  8. Ashley

    Switching to kegs and kegerators

    Hiya, I know this is a noob question but please humour me... I'm bored sh*tless of bottling. I brew in 50 to 60l batches so I'm considering getting 6 or 9 kegs. Obviously I want to keep them cold and I have seen the grainfather kegerator on the malf miller and brewuk sites. You can only fit 3...
  9. Ashley

    WLP001 Yeast Starter

    Hi all, It's been some years since I posted on here but I'm back into brewing again and I have 2 brews planned over the coming weeks. I've never made a yeast starter before so I've ordered a flask and some light DME. It's my first ever IPA and I've purchased WLP001. I brew 60l batches at a...
  10. Ashley

    10th AG. watch here...

    Stiff Upper Lip is now in the fermenter. you can see the highlights here https://youtu.be/jVTdymt7Gg8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVTdymt7Gg8&feature=youtu.be
  11. Ashley

    10th AG. watch here...

    Stiff Upper Lip is now in the fermenter. you can see the highlights here https://youtu.be/jVTdymt7Gg8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVTdymt7Gg8&feature=youtu.be
  12. Ashley

    Been out of the ALL GRAIN game for a while. What do you think to this recipe?

    Hi boys and girls, It's been over 2 years since I was brewing and a couple of weeks ago I made some AG beer. I don't think it'll be great but as a reminder for the processes it has helped a lot. I have spent some time today coming up with some ideas for a recipe and I am looking at using more...
  13. Ashley

    Wanted: Hlt...

    Brand new igloo 50l mash tun never used. Currently no valve attached... can be arranged... would happily swap for 2nd hand electric (purpose built) boiler. But I do have other bits and bobs ie kegs, co2 caps, FV'S and glass bottles. I basically have too much stuff so if you are in need and...
  14. Ashley

    WANTED: Spare arm

    I have 4/5 pressure barrels with some co2 caps. An electric probe thermometer (brand new not taken out of packaging). If anyone would like to swap let me know. I also have 1 or 2 spare FV'S I suppose? Drilled with gromit installed for airlock... Pm me if interested. Cheers ash
  15. Ashley

    delabbeled glass bottles

    I live by j27 M1. Various sizes. They don't fit my crates. Free to collect otherwise I'll recycle them some clear most brown. Some still with labels on. Some with swing tops. Pm me if interested.
  16. Ashley

    Nottingham Brewers

    Hi, I have been AG brewing since the end of December but not brewed for a while. Does anyone local fancy a joint brew day? Kits/ag brewers alike of course would just be nice to share the experience and/or pick up a few tips. I haven't brewed for a couple of months and I've run out of brew...?
  17. Ashley

    First time trying to clone a beer... Nelson's Revenge

    I'm trying to have a go at cloning woodfordes nelsons revenge. I have come up with a recipe and run it through beersmith and taken a screen print. Im new to all grain brewing, and only been doing it less than a month. While i know i wont get it right first time, does anyone think this should...
  18. Ashley

    electric blankets and fermenters...

    What with the temperature being as it is at the moment i've noticed it's getting very difficult to keep fv's at the right temp. I have seen the heat belts for sale but could i buy an electric blanket and stand them on there? Has anyone else tried this?
  19. Ashley

    Newbie mash efficiency problems... HELP!!!

    Firstly many thanks for taking the time to read this thread. I have now done done 4 AG brew days since i got my equipment on boxing day. I either finish up with less wort at the right gravity or the right amount of wort at a lowe final gravity than expected. The thermometer i got with the kit...
  20. Ashley

    Vacuum packed hops...

    Im new to AG and i'm doing my first AG brew without maskits tomorrow. Bought malt hops and yeast for a timothy taylor type recipe but i have bought more hops in vacuum packs than i need. What/how should i store what's left over?