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  1. CEO Keg King

    PET Pressure Fermenters

    I was not getting things quite right with posting in the right place but think I have finally figured out that we need to be in this part of the forum. Thanks Chippy So lets get started with a bit of fun and also a demonstration about how damn tough our Fementer King units really are. Would you...
  2. CEO Keg King

    Keg King Super Deluxe Kegerator

    Here is a link to a video about our Super Deluxe Kegerators that might get some of you to get ideas. Hoping we can bring these to the UK and Europe soon.
  3. CEO Keg King

    Your experience with PET Pressure Fermenters - Open Discussion - feedback invited

    With PET Fermenters finding homes in many a brewer's den it would be great to get feedback about our Unitanks etc. DELETED CONTENT WAS HERE Primarily we are interested in PET tanks that work under pressure. Its easy to make a PET vessel that does not need to hold pressure. Much harder to get one...
  4. CEO Keg King

    Keg King's Round Table

    The team here at Keg King is stoked that we have finally got the chance to have a voice on this Forum. We will start by releasing some information about who we are and why we are here on a British Forum and then be happy to turn this into a kind of Q & A Session where we can help brewers and...