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  1. prog99

    Some more recipes

    These were shared on facebook, not tried any of them but always useful to have some inspiration. Interesting that he does 30 minute boils. No mash temperatures either. https://kenlenard0.wixsite.com/mayfaircourtbrew/beers?fbclid=IwAR0jHL6n6IRWg3pSdmAbMsstP18F9X89FBRG3lLUHBjbn2o1ofmJNDyVlHk
  2. prog99

    Neipa oxidisation

    Still tastes and smells good but a bit annoying none the less as theres a whole keg that needs drunk fairly quickly! Just looks like something I might have excavated from the gutter.
  3. prog99

    Another malt supplier

    These guys posted on the Scottish Brewers Facebook page. No idea if its any good or not but the price definitely is. They are sort of local to me but I've no connection. https://www.craftymaltsters.co.uk/products2
  4. prog99

    User upper ideas?

    I've got the following kicking around, open to (sensible) suggestions 3kg pilsner malt 250g pale chocolate malt 1kg dme And then plenty of oats and fancy making some candi syrup. 1 sachet of US05, I'm now regretting not picking something belgium up now. 60g challenger (homegrown, unknown AA)...
  5. prog99

    Free book on German and Austrian beers

    From the other channel (kindle only I'm afraid) - https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/free-book-on-german-and-austrian-beers.676526/#post-8816040
  6. prog99

    2020 Scottish craft brewers recipes

    Some good looking ones again this year. https://scottishcraftbrewers.org/?fbclid=IwAR2A7Wm406vOatQnBZqtgN4srgolTxrZE1Gi96wzjFwhUgTq9vt7jvKif4Q
  7. prog99

    NEIPA water treatment

    Hi, I've never bothered with this before but here in Edinburgh our water is pretty soft and as I've just spent a bomb on hops for this I'd like to get it right - Calcium mgCa/l - 10.63 Magnesium mgMg/l - 1.48 Hardness as mg/l CaCo3 - 32.57 Any straightforward additions I could do that I wont...
  8. prog99

    SCB 2019 winning recipes

    Winning recipes from this years competition. Enjoy. https://scottishcraftbrewers.org/?cat=29
  9. prog99

    Mangrove Jacks M41

    Is this a slow burner? Pitched it on my belgium golden ale with an SG of 1074 on the 27th. Brief couple of days vigorous fermentation followed by a consistent bloop out the airlock every few seconds since.No real signs of slowing down. I'm not concerned at all by the way just wondering if...
  10. prog99

    What to make of these comments?

    This is beer brewing related and the link isn't dodgy. I've seen some tirades in my time but this one is a beauty (about halfway down by Michael James). You need to select view in youtube.com to see the comments. Disclaimer - I wasn't looking for a stella recipe (it looks wrong anyway) came up...
  11. prog99

    Graham Wheeler, still relevant?

    So I've fancied getting a nice strong malty lager on the go over the festive period. Wheelers european beers book as a recipe for The Kulminator at around 8% which I've actually had (although maybe a stronger incarnation). He always goes for the keep it simple approach rather than some of the...
  12. prog99

    Improve my mash tun

    Disclaimer - I know nothing about plumbing Ok, I have an old school two brew bin mash tun that's been in use for years and thus I'm in no rush to replace it. However I can see scope for an improvement namely a filter on the tap using a stainless steel braided cable sleeve. You can see in the...
  13. prog99

    Last saturday

    A bit late.. Every year I knock up a keg of sessionable pale ale for my mountaineering clubs annual new year get together. Got round to it a bit late on saturday. So 5kg of pale plus 200g of oats and rye that was lying around so I threw it in (out of sight, out of mind...). Really need a...
  14. prog99

    Hello from Edinburgh

    After a few years out I started brewing again by popular demand (new year party). Went through the usual path of kits to malt extract and then all grain for about 15 years. Setup is nothing flash with an old school Papazian double brew bin mash tun and 30l tea urn. Seem to get good efficiency...