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  1. Nicks90

    First saison recipe

    I've never done a saison before, in fact I've only ever tried commercial saisons a couple of times and I'm not hugely convinced... But that's not stopping me having a go at one. Before I put grain to water, can those in the know advise me if this will 'work' and make a sort of saison type ale...
  2. Nicks90

    Home made chiller

    I've been no chill brewing for a while now and I've had pretty consistent results by factoring in the natural cool down overnight to my hop schedule. But...big but...I've always felt that I'm missing some of the hop flavour of late additions and getting more bitterness due to no chill than I was...
  3. Nicks90

    This year's blackberry and elderberry wine

    My usual yearly ritual of collecting blackberries and elderberries has been quite successful this year. 2kg of blackberries and 1kg elderberries, all brought to the boil with 2.5kg sugar and left to cool overnight. Mash it a bit and them strain in to 3 demijohns with a cup of strong tea and...
  4. Nicks90

    Unusual ingredients

    Inspired by this link - https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2019/06/kelloggs-launces-beer-made-from-rejected-rice-krispies/ Has anyone else tried something completely off the wall? I am due to try @MyQul brut using 30% rice crispies, but this article has me thinking about something even more...
  5. Nicks90

    First lambic, possibly stupid question

    I treated myself to a nice bottle of cantillon gueuze lambic today, and I had forgotten what an incredible beer it is. Fortunately I didn't just empty the bottle in to my pint pot and I have a little bit left in the bottom with some dregs/slurry. So I am struck with an urge to do a gallon in a...
  6. Nicks90

    Aroma hops - how long to leave it

    I've been adjusting my recent brews and messing about with adding in my late hop additions. Instead of putting them in at "flameout" - essentially 100c - and leaving them for 15 mins, I'm doing a whirlpool once the wort has cooled to 80c. All pretty normal stuff. Whilst this has reduced the...
  7. Nicks90

    Storing finished wine

    I'm tempted to do a 23l wine kit, probably a decent one like a beaverdale merlot. But I don't have 30 wine bottles! Plus I don't really have the space for a bottle rack that can take the 20 bottles of blackberry, cherry and elderberry wines currently in the cellar and 30 bottles of merlot. But I...
  8. Nicks90

    Busy brew day, lots of wine and cider

    Having been given 6kg of rhubarb from a friend and collecting 2kg of blackberries and 2kg of mixed cherries, I decided to get my brew on today. Should have a nice stash of rhubarb wine, rhubarb cider, blackberry wine and a mixed cherry wine! 4kg of rhubarb is chopped up and macerating in 2kg of...
  9. Nicks90

    Making a wine starter

    A friend of mine has just given me 6kg of rhubarb, on the deal that I give a proportion of the wine in return. Sounds alright to me! I also have 5kg of blackberries (more appearing every day!!) Stupidly I only ordered one pack of wine yeast - gervin wine yeast gv9 Is it possible to make a big...
  10. Nicks90

    What infection is this?

    My riggwelter clone has been in the fv for 3 weeks whilst I was on holiday and I've come back to this? Istr that this is a harmless infection, but I can't find the thread on it now. Can somebody please advise?
  11. Nicks90

    Riggwelter clone

    It's time for a 'knife and fork' type of beer to wash down me fish and chips whilst walking me wippet Only joking, being a proper Yorkshire lad, nowt goes down better than a pint of riggwelter or old peculiar. Could someone check my recipe and see if this is anywhere near? 20l biab mash 3kg...
  12. Nicks90

    Simple oat stout ideas

    Thinking of putting on my first full sized AG stout next week and want the collective wisdom on my recipe. 3kg pale malt 500gm cheap porridge oats 200gm dark crystal malt 340ebc 200gm pale crystal malt 110ebc 200gm black patent Aiming for approx 25ibu's using fuggles in the boil with a small...
  13. Nicks90

    Nicks90's Brewdays

    Far too many of my brew posts now - so time to consolidate them all in to one thread! AG#1 - Best Bitter Boil Time: 30 min Batch Size: 16 liters Boil Size: 19 liters FERMENTABLES: 3 kg - Maris Otter Pale (93%) 0.2 kg - Crystal 60L (4.7%) 0.1 kg - Crystal 140L (2.3%) HOPS: 20 g - Challenger...
  14. Nicks90

    AG#11 another IPA

    The last IPA on ag#7 went down an absolute treat. Very tasty. So tasty i sank the lot in way too short a time! Time to put another one on, but i am running short on everything now, so this is a user up'er 4kg Irish malt 80gm crystal malt 110ebc 90gm rolled oats 17l mash at 65c for an hour...
  15. Nicks90

    AG#10 simple stout

    To continue my theme of low(ish) alcohol beers, this time i fancied having a go at a stout. its not something i drink a lot of, but i do fancy a pint of stout now and again. As my FV is currently taken up with my golden ale and my no chill barrel full of lager - i've decided to do a small batch...
  16. Nicks90

    AG#9 session Golden Ale

    Time to get me brew on again! This time i fancy doing a lower alcohol golden ale to make a nice sessionable pint for sitting in my garden over spring and early summer if we ever get any nice weather. Keeping it fairly simple and hopefully the hop combination will make it interesting. 3kg Irish...
  17. Nicks90

    AG#8 Lager thingy

    As per my other thread, fancied having a go at a lager thingy. But as I don't really drink much of it and I don't have the right proper ingredients - then this is a lager THINGY 3kg Irish malt 100gm caramalt 18l mash at 65c for an hour followed by a 4l sparge and a good bag squeeze Leaving 20l...
  18. Nicks90

    Lager with MO

    I've got the itch to get another brew on - 8 in 2 months - and fancy taking advantage of the cooler weather and a consistent cool cellar to do a lager. But I have only got Maris otter...well actually Minch hook, but it's basically the same. Can I use this with a squidge of caramalt and some saaz...
  19. Nicks90

    AG#7 - Low bitterness IPA

    After the success of my previous IPA, i decided to do another a) because i drank it all b) i fancied tweaking it so its a bit more pale ale IPA and less bitter. No idea why the last one tasted more bitter than the IBUs in brewersfriend stated, but it was a bit too bitter for me and was also a...
  20. Nicks90

    Poisonous alcohol

    Damn cowboy home brewers BBC News - Assam toxic alcohol deaths: 70 people die in north-eastern Indian state http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-47341941