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    Bubble size

    I brew mostly stouts, porters and IPA's. I have found that the longer i leave my bottles conditioning, the tighter and smaller the bubbles become with better head retention as well. I think time is the magic formula for this and so much more.
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    Free stuff collection only.

    This has all now gone!
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    Free stuff collection only.

    PRICE REDUCED AGAIN, NEED GONE. FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE collection only from SE6 3AS will not post!!!
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    Free stuff collection only.

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    Free stuff collection only.

    Hand capper. £5 Bottle tree with bottle washer. £10 Swing top 500ml bottles new, 12 clear plus 9 amber with new tops. £12 24- 500ml amber bottles, £5 All above as job lot £25 Collection from SE6 3AS Collection could also be from CF39 9TU
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    More Klarstein offers

    Looks the same as my Brewster Beacon. I'd get it if i didn't have mine, excellent price. Once it's on its way to you, tell them you want to return it and they'll give you 10% refund if you keep it!
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    32L wort pot and various.

    Wort pot sold! Open to offers on rest of stuff listed!
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    Instructions and advice for first fermentation fridge build please

    Wire the heater through the drain hole at the back of you fridge. Change the bottom glass shelf for sturdy wooden shelf to hold weight of your FV. Take other shelves out. Plug in heater and fridge to ink bird and put sensor into fridge. Simple, you don't need vids.
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    32L wort pot and various.

    Stainless steel wort boiling pot with tap and strainer. Excellent condition, 32L £40 Hand capper. £7 Bottle tree with bottle washer. £15 Swing top bottles new, 12 clear plus 9 amber with new tops. £20 24 amber bottles. £10 SENSIBLE OFFERS INVITED!!! Collection preferred but could post, from...
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    Grainfather user from Bromley

    Prices aren't too bad, some are quite good actually. If buying ingredients for a whole brew then it's cheaper online, but then you have to pay postage which evens it out. It's handy for me, it's only a 10 minute drive away and open 7 days a week. Free parking on the street but can busy because...
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    Grainfather user from Bromley

    Hi Mangold, i'm just down the road in Catford. Don't know if you know that there's a home-brew shop in Brockley. He charges £20 for the day on his grandfather and has all ingredients in stock. I only started recently and did my first all gain BIAB on Tuesday, on the hob in a big pot. Got so...
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    Klarstein have a sale on now, good prices. Remember to sign up for the news letter to get extra £10 off.
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    Electric kettle or stock pot?

    I'm having the same dilemma Jason but reading this thread, i'm swaying towards the Klarstein option as well!
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    Chemsan for sale at 20% off at Brew UK but only till Sunday.
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    How to do a partial boil extract brew

    Makes it a lot easier for me with pictures rather than just reading loads. Very detailed and well written in my opinion and has given me the confidence to try it. Thanks.
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    Tilt on sale for Total: £143.80 (tax incl.)

    Angel Home Brew £143.80 delivered. Home Brew Shop £144.00 delivered plus £5 loyalty voucher to spend next time.
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    What are the best types of bottles? Where do you get them from? Share your opinions...

    40 x 500ml Amber Beer Glass Bottles with Crown Caps ( Pack of 6, 40 ) Cheapest i've found, £10 delivery for any amount. 120 bottles for £49.55 delivered.