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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    Hi guys, So I'm trying to brew a Berliner Weisse. I'm following the instructions discussed here: http://www.notsoprofessionalbeer.com/2013/09/brewing-with-yogurt.html Essentially making a starter with DME, culturing yogurt (with lactobacillus) for 3 days at 42 degrees to reach a pH of 3.8...
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    Fridge for cold crashing and fermentation

    So I was going to buy a cheap second hand fridge from gumtree or the likes for cold crashing my beer. But I'm also interested in having a fermentation fridge set up to start doing lagers. I have zero ability for fiddling with electricals or DIY in general so I'm trying to get a very simple set...
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    Adding fruit to wheat beer

    Hi Guys, I've got my first ever wheat beer fermenting away. I want to add some fruit to it (of the berry variety) and require your suggestions. I plan on freezing the fruit and heating them in a pan to sterilise. The beer has been fermenting a week so far. Would you suggest just throwing the...
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    Bungs for mini kegs

    Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can buy some 3 piece bungs designed for using party taps on 5L mini kegs? The red and black ones. Such as these: http://www.leyland-home-brew.co.uk/easy-keg-vent-bung-788-p.asp I don't want to have to pay £6.50 for a 50p bung... My local brew store...
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    Mini keg party star

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about investing in a party star deluxe system for mini kegs.. I'm bored of bottling but don't brew large enough quantities or have enough space for cornies. My question is, can you use the party star tap to have a few pints of beer and then remove the tap and use it in a...
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    Glycoprotein rest

    Hi all, Has anyone tried a glycoprotein rest (at 72 Celsius) during the mash in an attempt to increase head retention? I've tried a few things to try and increase head retention such as adding wheat, not using soap to wash my glasses etc. but haven't had great success. Anybody found that this...
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    Vinegar/sour taste from yeast or water?

    Hi guys, I've successfully brewed several dark beers using BIAB but have had mixed results with pale ales. Some have turned out great but a few are terrible. The first bad one was a blonde ale with vienna as the base malt. I initially put this bad brew down to the malt selection and decided...