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  1. VillageBrew

    Back in the game...

    After a prolonged absence from brewing I am now back at it! Fermenter is just finishing with a tweaked Wilko's kit (Hoppy Copper Bitter) and I'm setting up for an AG saison brew day tomorrow ashock1
  2. VillageBrew

    Simple Maths - AA% Calculations

    According to my schoolboy maths, if a recipe calls for a specific weight of hops at a specified AA%, then if the hops available are at a lower AA% then you simply multiply to make up the difference. Eg - the recipe I brewed yesterday called for 32g of hops at 4.5%AA; mine were rated at 3.0%AA...
  3. VillageBrew

    What Sweeteners does everyone use in TC?

    Hi all, Making a foray into Turbo Cider and wold like to know what sweeteners everyone uses. My 'real cider' (using pressed apples) is always very dry and any wine I make always ferments to dryness so any help appreciated. Many thanks in advance! PS - If anyone has any suggestions that...
  4. VillageBrew

    Bottling from cask?

    I've casked a brew (20 litres in 2 x 10 litre casks) but was wondering how effective tapping off a few litres into swing top bottles would be. Would it be suitable, say, for transporting to a party or even for storing for a few days? I'm also concerned I was a bit hesitant about...
  5. VillageBrew

    Condition without Priming

    I know that most people follow the 2+2+2 method (as I have to date) but I've been studying Graham Wheeler's book where he suggests (if I am reading it right) that the beer should be left in the cask (PB for me) to condition by fermenting out the remaining sugars in the beer, without adding any...
  6. VillageBrew

    Aldi Mini Kegs

    Aldi have got Krombacher mini kegs for 12.99. They have the bungs that are red with a black core, so no good for partystar kit (I think) but they can be removed and a reusable one popped in when refilling. :thumb:
  7. VillageBrew

    Steam Beer

    After a lot of faffing around, finally got my Steam Beer going (recipe from Jon Finch's Kindle book on BIAB): 19 litres 3kg Lager malt 1.5kg Maris Otter 40g Halletauer Hersbrucker - 60 mins 15g Halletauer Hersbrucker - 10 mins 15g Halletauer Hersbrucker - flame out, steep for 60...
  8. VillageBrew

    First AG - and massive calamity...

    Was supposed to be doing first BIAB last week (chickened out and did extract/ cereal beer). Went for it today with a Dunkelweizen. Just got grains into strike water and my (very cheap) digital thermometer went beserk. It was claiming the ambient temperature in the utility room was 94°C! Minor...
  9. VillageBrew

    Cereal Beer

    Chickened out of first AG and went instead with Stephen Hare's 'Cereal Beer' all extract. 12 litres in my new Cygnet boiler, coming up to 15 min Cascade addition...:thumb: