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  1. Soton

    CO2. I can’t remember where I got it delivered from

    Good evening all. A little help please Ages ago I had a bottle of CO2 delivered, I live in Hampshire and someone here recommend a supplier that delivered to my area, for the life of me I can’t remember who put me on to them or the supplier, has anyone got any ideas who they might be, I could...
  2. Soton

    Klarstein Skal Beer Tap and mini keg help

    I am going to get a Klarstein Skal Beer Tap and keg some of my beer into mini kegs. Can anyone help with the process of kegging into mini kegs, how do they work and what do you need to do to use them?
  3. Soton

    Angel homebrew, Thanks

    I have been trying to track down a way of fitting a corny gas post to the hole in my Brewtech brew bucket lid to do sealed transfers to kegs, I don't like Brewtech's method as I would of had to drill another hole in the lid, and I didn't want to attack my "shiny thing"! Anyway my problem was...
  4. Soton

    Angel homebrew web site

    I found a handy looking website. I am not sure how well known the website is but I stumbled across it while trying to find a fitting I could screw a corny keg post to to fit it to the top of a Brewtech brew bucket, it has loads of equipment for brewing including kettles, kegs, hop balls...
  5. Soton

    Ace system

    This looks like an amazing price for an Ace micro brewery http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ACE-Micro-Brewery-Mashing-4-Home-Craft-Beer-with-pump-Mashing-6-stage-program-/271687277467 Mind you I hope it's not another £9.99 grain mill drama in the making :lol:
  6. Soton

    Grainfather Micro pipe smallest batch?

    Dose anyone know what the smallest brew batch the Grainfather can mash with the Grainfather Micro pipe works fitted? I'm thinking it would be about a 6L batch, it takes 3L of water to cover the pump filter, 4.3L of water to reach the bottom of the grain basket when lowered, that would leave...
  7. Soton

    Grainfather for sale on eBay

    I was looking for some bits and bobs on eBay and saw this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Grainfather-All-In-One-All-Grain-Boiler-/182675415479?hash=item2a884da1b7:g:XxsAAOSwhfxZb1hs It might go for the right price if anyone is looking to buy a used Grainfather
  8. Soton


    I have been thinking about getting a hoprocket to use with my Grainfather and have seen several favorable reviews about there use. (after the hassle of getting fittings to connect it up) In the reviews it's all about use but no one goes on to say just what it really dose bring to the party once...
  9. Soton

    Filtering water

    I have recently filtered a couple of beers into kegs to allow me to transport them and minimise the beer clouding up during transport, this has got me thinking about filtering my water before brewing I live in Hampshire and like a lot of areas in the UK it is classed as a "very hard water area"...
  10. Soton

    All about yeast

    I found a website with descriptions of yeast types and pitching rates in pdf form, if anyone would like to download it or bookmark it it can be found here https://www.brouwland.com/files/Yeast_EN.pdf
  11. Soton

    My brew day from Hell

    Sorry this is a bit long but I needed it for therapy My brew day from hell started on the Friday evening before brew day ( well technically I suppose it started in the week when I missed off the dextrose from my grain mail order and had to pay package and postage again for it) I got my...
  12. Soton

    blue moon beer, not clone

    I am after a busy brew day from hell I am sitting down and drinking a blue mood beer, it has been sat in the fridge for a week and I have noticed it has a lot of yeast in the bottom of the bottle that looks like it might be worth cultivating, dose anyone know what the yeast type is and if its...
  13. Soton

    A I Beer

    It sounds to me that someone has used brewersfriend and wants to make out its a first http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/artificial-intelligence-beer-brewing_uk_577f81d0e4b0935d4b4aa20e?edition=uk :whistle:
  14. Soton

    Filtering beer

    This week I will be kegging a own recipe best bitter and I am going to filter between kegs I am doing this as I want to take a keg or two with me when we go on holiday and I want to try and eliminate sediment from clouding the beer when I move or transport the beer, I have made the beer quite...
  15. Soton

    CO2 Regulator

    I have just taken delivery of a new dual outlet/dual gauge CO2 Regulator, I bought from it from eBay I have set it up and I am very pleased with it, the gas adjustment is very fine so it excellent for getting the dispensing gas pressure just right If anyone is looking for a CO2 with two gas...
  16. Soton

    Flashed STC 1000

    I have just flashed a STC 1000 for better fermentation control, I now want to use one of the program slots for a fermentation to carry on into largering, dose anyone have a program profile or any idea of times that includes a diacetyl rest that then ramps the tempture down for largeringlargering...
  17. Soton

    Yeast swap

    I have just bought a WYeast Activator 1450 - Dennys Favourite 50 ready for my next brew which will be an American two hearted IPA clone, I had to look around a few shops to find that particular yeast as my usual supplier dose not stock it, so it got me thinking if there is any interest in...
  18. Soton

    Competition winning beer recipes article

    I was just looking around the Internet for any interesting articles on home brewing and craft beer making, and came across an article about brewing competition winning beers and there recipes, you can find the web page using the link below...
  19. Soton

    Food grade barrel

    I don't know if anyone is looking for a good quality food grade container to keep grain ect in, I have just taken delivery of a food grade barrel and I can recommend It so I thought I would pass on the link, it was a little more money then I was looking to pay but now I have seen it would say...
  20. Soton

    A odd Corny problem

    I have just been reorganising my kegerator so as its in the out house that is built onto the house, I will now be able to run my beer lines from the kegerator into the house and set up some beer taps in the boiler cupboard so I will not need to go outside to pull a pint While doing this I...