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  1. ChrisD123

    Vanilla and Bourbon Stout

    Made this at the weekend roughly the same as GH recipe and am going to add some honey bourbon to it, it also calls for vanilla pods...so whats the best way of adding, not sure about steeping in vodka as am going to be adding bourbon...could I steep in the bourbon and do it that way or should I...
  2. ChrisD123

    One Year in...

    So my journey began almost a year ago, I started with he usual kits, trying various beers, wines etc. This soon evolved into extract brews until I took the plunge and bought a bulldog master brewer. Since the I haven't looked back. I have been really happy with the beers I have made, friends...
  3. ChrisD123

    Christmassy type ale question

    So the missus has made the xmas cakes a while ago....and after having a root through the baking cupboard there is plenty of ground nutmeg, allspice and sweet cinnamon powders left...is this ok to use for a xmassy type ale rather than say cinnamon sticks etc. Have maple syrup available too Was...
  4. ChrisD123

    Recipe - user upper thoughts

    Hi plan to use up some malt odds and ends any thoughts/suggestions appreciated. So initially thought of something along the lines of the following grain bill 3.3 kg Vienna 900g Golden Promise 100g Caramunich Wheat? have other grains also. For hops I have 40g challenger, 55g Mittelfruh, 25g...
  5. ChrisD123

    GH Saison

    Brewed and bottled....quite dark/red in colour but very nice indeed. Should a saison be light in colour or is it simply down to preference after reading saisons were made with whatever grains were available.
  6. ChrisD123

    Saison...fast ferment

    Hi so I brewed a saison based on GH recipe on 28/6 I used Mangrove Jacks M29...OG 1.056. According to the recipe he recommends upping the temp on the 4th day to 28 degrees. I pitched at around 24 degrees then on the second day upped the temp to 26 with a plan to up it again after a couple of...
  7. ChrisD123

    Hop regime/recommendations for a saison

    I have a few hop varieties available, planning a saison esque type brew next using pilsner, wheat and maybe some Vienna and possibly a drop of honey. This is the hops I have Challenger Tettnang Hallertau mittelfruh saaz perle amarillo jarrylo Columbus mandarina bavaria magnum fuggles Ekg Citra...
  8. ChrisD123

    Hmmm what to do

    Nice little delivery drop today....quite quick considering am in the Highlands ( Thanks THBC) 10Kg pale malt 5Kg Munich malt 5Kg Vienna Malt 5Kg Wheat malt 500g Chocolate Malt 500g Carafa Special 1 500g Roasted Barley 100g Simcoe 100g Magnum 100g Fuggles 100g Bramling Cross 100g East Kent...
  9. ChrisD123

    Bulldog Master Brewer

    Just arrived today....cant wait to get started just need to source some ingredients now....happy days
  10. ChrisD123

    A bit of advice please

    Hi I am currently thinking of moving up to All grain brewing and have been looking at all in one systems. I have a budget of around 400 quid. Can anyone recommend a system that would be suitable. Thanks
  11. ChrisD123

    Weissbier tips

    Hi I am going to have a crack at a weissbier from extract....from the GH book. Just waiting for the ingredients to arrive. Does anyone have any tips for making this brew. Thanks
  12. ChrisD123

    Ritchies Red/White Grape Concentrates

    I have a 500ml bottle of each of these concentrates as I cannot get hold of WGJ or RGJ.I am wanting to make a WOW, my question is how much of concentrate should I use as I assume its stronger than the juice. Would I need to adjust the other juice content also? I intend to make 4.5l batches. Any...
  13. ChrisD123

    Quick question

    Hi I am going to have a crack at a Cider. MYO Dark Berry. I was wondering when it comes to bottling am i okay using the Coopers 500ml screw cap bottles as opposed to glass. I know glass would probably be a better bet but I have lots of the Coopers bottles lying around, Just want to make sure...
  14. ChrisD123

    Bulldog Bad cat Imperial red ale

    Started this last week, I have read in other threads that it goes off like a rocket usually, however I am finding that fermentation is a little slow, it is bubbling very slowly and a good head of foam appeared this seems to have dropped back. I have a temp of 22 degrees. This is after less than...
  15. ChrisD123

    CO2 Just checking

    Hi so I have two pressure barrels, one is youngs 5 gallon. It has a valve with no pin so I assume it takes the S30 cylinder, the other is a 5 gallon King Keg with a pin valve so assume this takes the 8g bulb cartridges....am I correct, just want to make sure.
  16. ChrisD123

    The story so far...

    So... I took the plunge a month or two back, having bought some basic equipment, fermenters etc. I decidedto start with a few kits to cut my teeth on so to speak. MYO American IPA, MYO Bitter, Ritchies Brown ale were the first ones, these have allbeen made, bottled and conditioned and I have to...
  17. ChrisD123

    A couple of MYO brews

    So took the plunge. Thought i would start with the American IPA and a Yorkshire Bitter from MYO (Range). Have followed all instructions, added hops on Saturday (as stated after 7 days). Tested using Hydrometer yesterday, IPA came out at 1.012 and Bitter at 1.010. Bitter still has broken down...
  18. ChrisD123

    New to this

    Hello everyone Finally decided to take the plunge....Bought a few cheapish kits to start and cut my teeth so to speak. have an American IPA and a bitter on the go, just dry hopped yesterday. All looking good so far...looking forward to learning a lot off everyone so be prepared for some daft...