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  1. Soton

    Yeast starter with old yeast

    Yeast is a large part of a tasty beer, why take the chance on a contaminated yeast, the yeast you are now cultivating might not be the yeast you think it is! You could take a chance and pitch it while saving some for future use just incase it makes a great beer. Personally I would use any in...
  2. Soton

    CO2. I can’t remember where I got it delivered from

    Yes I think it was, I will take a look and see if they deliver to my area athumb..
  3. Soton

    CO2. I can’t remember where I got it delivered from

    Good evening all. A little help please Ages ago I had a bottle of CO2 delivered, I live in Hampshire and someone here recommend a supplier that delivered to my area, for the life of me I can’t remember who put me on to them or the supplier, has anyone got any ideas who they might be, I could...
  4. Soton

    Has anyone put a ball valve on a Grainfather sparge heater?

    You could always replace the off/on tap that is fitted to the sparge water heater for another type that lets you control water flow, then fit a tube and sparge through that, you could also fit some sort of sparge arm to the new tap and control the flow of sparge water through it
  5. Soton

    SS Brewtech Brewmaster Bucket - Fridge Fitting.

    Have a look on eBay and use the search filter “ nearest me first” or gumtree in your area, if your not looking for a fridge or freezer that are all bright and new looking they almost give them away
  6. Soton

    Giveaway Inkbird products! Merry Christmas!

    Well done lads. Well done Inkbird :thumb:
  7. Soton

    Fermenting in a keg

    I ordered from AliExpress a longer gas in drip tube and if I use a keg to ferment in I slip a plastic tube over it so it’s cut a bit shorter from the bottom of the keg, I did this as I could not get a spare beer out drip tube and didn’t want to cut the one in the keg If you use a...
  8. Soton

    Fermenting in a keg

    If you are going to use a keg for fermentation but not ferment under pressure it’s still a good idea to use a spunding valve, that way the valve will allow the oxygen to be released and replaced with CO2 during fermentation and act as a airlock to stop air getting back in You would only...
  9. Soton

    still doing Brexit?

    The problem for the UK was that we were promised reforms that never happened, most of Europe is scared of losing out so didn’t see the changes as good for them, most countries are in it for themselves first and the union second, this works reasonably well as long as there is benefits to...
  10. Soton

    Giveaway Inkbird products! Merry Christmas!

    I’m in, it’s hard to say no to some excellent products
  11. Soton

    Question Time!

    You can still use a hydrometer Reading to tell if the fermentation has stopped, take a reading and make a note of what it is, then a few days later take another reading, if the reading is exactly the same it’s stopped fermenting, if the reading is moving down wait a few more days and...
  12. Soton

    Festival German Weiss

    I usually try my first bottle at about a month Most people like to drink it quite young to catch the bubble gum/ cloves flavours, If when you try your first bottle and it’s a bit sulphurous tasting leave it a couple more weeks before you have another and see how it goes Of course if...
  13. Soton

    Festival German Weiss

    When you prime your bottles just you will get sediment in the bottom of the bottle, just pour some of that in he glass with the beer Clear Weiss beer can be just as tasty as well
  14. Soton

    Festival German Weiss

    No need to rush, Weiss beer yeasts have a tendency to produce sulphur flavours so try not to rush to bottle it and give the yeast time to clean up after it’s self up
  15. Soton

    Filtering from fv to corny keg

    If you fill the corny kegs with starsan, seal the keg with its lid,then push the starsan out with CO2 that will create a non oxygen environment, then you could do the same again with a second corny keg, filter the beer between the corny kegs using CO2 to push the beer through the filter to the...
  16. Soton

    Lagering without a fridge

    It’s always worth a try, hope for a cold spell otherwise you will have a lot of work to do keeping up with the plastic bottles with ice in them
  17. Soton

    When a recipe just states 'crystal malt'...

    If you look on the brewing grain substitute chart, Baird has a malt just called “ crystal malt” which is about 80L on the chart, could it be that the recipe you want to use is based on Baird grains?
  18. Soton

    Festival German Weiss

    I would ferment it at about 20-21C, It will depend on the yeast you are using but that should be enough to bring out the banana flavour
  19. Soton

    Admiral Reserve

    I take it you are using a hydrometer? Is the beer you are testing at 20c? If so maybe you should test the hydrometer in 20c water just to check its accuracy If you are using a refractometer you will need to make adjustments in the reading for the alcohol that will now be present in the beer
  20. Soton

    WLP001 or WLP028

    On the white labs website both those yeasts cover the same spectrum of beers and and ales and American porter is in the list for both of them, both of those seem like a work horse type yeasts Check them out yourself to see if it's what you are looking for in the recipe you are using