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    Wrong hops delivered - whats the best plan

    Thanks everyone. Used the mittelfruh as I had enough to make up the equivalent aa%. First brew day in about 2 yrs and nothing really went to plan. But it's in the fermenter now so I'll wait and see. Cheers
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    Wrong hops delivered - whats the best plan

    Thanks! I was hoping youd say that!
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    Wrong hops delivered - whats the best plan

    Hi all It's been a long time since I last brewed but recently ordered the ingredients for a home brew. Just spent the last couple of hours cleaning up the old gear and preparing. But I've now opened my box of ingredients to find the wrong hops have been delivered. Making the munich dunkel...
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    IIPA - James; the Legend

    Excellent, thanks!
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    IIPA - James; the Legend

    Hi all this is probably a stupid question but at what stage is it best to add the Dextrose? End of boil? Thanks
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    My new Growler

    Im really interested in these kegs but was wondering if they are suitable for what i'd like to use them for, which would be as mini kegs for both carbing but also serving. I like the smaller size (2L is easier to get through compared to the 5L mini kegs), the look and im guessign theyre a bit...
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    Adjusting Hop Quantity

    Thanks both. I will therefore adjust the bittering hops but maintain the late additions at the original quantities ..you learn something new every day, cheers!
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    Yeast Query

    No first time. Oh no never knew abiut that. What does that involve?
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    Yeast Query

    Oh well ill wait until it's fully fermented and then condition as long as time allows and check how it tastes.
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    Yeast Query

    Hi MyQul The recipe suggests it should be ready to drink in 5 weeks! (which i did think was a little optimistic). Anyway, i planned on fermeting at 12C and then conditioning for 4weeks at 3C (in mini-kegs). I have two packs of MJ BL so I could add all that if extra is needed?
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    Adjusting Hop Quantity

    Hi I was wondering if it is common to adjust the hop quantums if the alpha assumed in the recipe differs from the alpha of the hops you purchase? For example, in the recipe im about to follow the Hop schedule is as follows; Magnum 11% - 23g @ start of boil Hallertaurer Mittelfruh 5% -...
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    Yeast Query

    Hi all I'm planning to brew the Greg Hughes Munich Dunkel recipe tomorrow. The recipe suggests Safelager W34/70 which I did purchase however it says on the pack that it should be pitched in 10-15L of wort. I'm planning a 19l batch. I'm not able to get hold of another packet of the w34 before...
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    Suggestions for next AG brew

    I'll be ordering everything for this brew so no restrictions
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    Suggestions for next AG brew

    Hi all Would appreciate any suggestions or recipes for my next AG brew. I've been promised fathers day free to brew and plan to use it to make something for my dad's 60th at the start of August. He's not really a fan of big hop flavours or 'fancy crafty' ipas etc. He likes a traditional...
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    Forum Raffle

    Count me in!
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    Elvis juice

    i brewed some Elvis juice and followed the recipe by the book. I had a pretty bad brew day and things didn't go to plan which may have contributed to this, but i would say even following the recipe it was VERY bitter. My bottles have been conditioning for 3.5 weeks now and it has mellowed a bit...
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    Birmingham Home Brew Shops

    They do! And that's what I did. Two jars for about 4.50. Worked a treat
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    Grainfather vs pub vs shop costs

    Remember there is a resale value of the GF. Maybe depreciate over 3 years? Then there's the time cost saving (value of time) and the non monetary costs one attaches to enjoyment of their hobbie. Put your mortgage in versus living in a tent and you'll get something similar. Some value the...
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    Shiny Grainfather.

    The announcement email from Grainfather re. the new controller suggested that the cost of the new version will be roughly equal to the cost of the old one (ie current version) plus the cost of the new controller (which will be available as a separate upgrade to existing owners). My guess...
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    Can this be rescued?

    Unfortunately not. Didn't want to mess with it any more than I had to. Plus I thought as the yeast had been doing its thing for 20hrs I couldn't really rely on the reading as OG and as I didn't get to give it a good mix id probably get a unreliable reading. Hope so!