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  1. Bigcol49

    Totally pi**ed off with the few ignorant members who have a mouth large enough to express an...

    Totally pi**ed off with the few ignorant members who have a mouth large enough to express an opinion and a brain too small to form one.
  2. Bigcol49

    The party with no name.

    Hi @entertheflagon Tonight, when I go to bed, I will say this orayer: For f**ks sake, don't ever let entertheflagon become a politician. And with that - goodbye!
  3. Bigcol49

    The party with no name.

    Hi! Get it right - Corbyn has given political support to the Palestian people's desire to get back their land, stolen by the state of Israel. We shouldn't accept any nation simply grabbing territory that is part of another nation - we went to war over the Falklands.
  4. Bigcol49

    The party with no name.

    Hi! I'm going to tread lightly here! @Chippy_Tea Do you not think that Jeremy Corbyn's "unpopularity" in the Labour Party, as you see it, is a reaction to his attempts to pull what had become Tory Lite under Blair back to its Democratic Socialist roots? While I am sympathetic to the devastation...
  5. Bigcol49

    Motor for grain mill?

    Hi! I'm a Cuddy! I've been on missionary work for over 25 years :D
  6. Bigcol49

    Motor for grain mill?

    Hi! How lucky you are! My drills won't budge a grain mill, so an alternative source of power is needed.
  7. Bigcol49

    Latest Bond Movie - Shatterhand

    Apparently, Tomorrow Never Dies was a miscopy by studio cerical staff of the original title, Tomorrow Never Lies. I wonder when Shitterhand hits our screens?
  8. Bigcol49

    A big Hello

    Hi! Welcome to the foum.
  9. Bigcol49

    Motor for grain mill?

    Hi! Car windscreen wiper motors have high torque, but I have read that they don't last very long as they are designed for infrequent use.
  10. Bigcol49

    Anyone Fermenting in a Corny Keg?

    Hi! The advantage of fermenting under pressure is that the beer is carbonated when fermentation is finished. A closed transfer to your serving keg and your beer is fully carbonated and only needs to mature. I have read that shortening the long dip tube by about 3cm helps to prevent the transfer...
  11. Bigcol49

    Urn conversion

    Hi @bikesandbeer I had something similar. I left everything as it was and made a new hole for a ball valve with a Qmax cutter. I used mine as a HLT so I didn't need to worry about leaving the old tap on it.
  12. Bigcol49

    coopers regular lager or european lager kit?

    Hi @tropicalpalmtree Welcome to the forum. The European lager needs several weeks of conditioning after it has been bottled.
  13. Bigcol49

    Honda confirms Swindon car plant closure

    Hi! Flybmi gone, Honda going . . . how long before the UK can apply for international aid?
  14. Bigcol49

    C02 Gas in North London

    Hi! Re: Adams Gas - online search shows Uxbridge, Staines or Grays.
  15. Bigcol49

    Boiled Eggs.

    Hi @Chippy_Tea I bet it wasn't Crisp and Dry!
  16. Bigcol49

    Batch priming, do i stir?

    Hi! I always use a sugar solution and I always put the cooled solution into the bottling bucket before racking the beer onto it. Giving it a gentle stir won't hurt. Be prepared to sacrifice a fair amount of beer to avoid transferring sediment into the bottling bucket.
  17. Bigcol49

    1 Litre Grape Juice Concentrate £12.90

    Hi @ScottE75 Shot down in flames again!
  18. Bigcol49

    HLT build

    Hi! How do you know they aren't? I can only speak for one brewery.
  19. Bigcol49

    HLT build

    Hi @An Ankoù Harsh? A warning to the OP can hardly be deemed harsh. Heineken Brewery keep a record of kegs delivered to customers and empties returned, and discrepencies incur a charge - monthly invoices are sent out.
  20. Bigcol49

    HLT build

    Not to be confused with the Keck police :D