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    Not quite reached FG in 2 weeks

    The FG you'll get from beersmith recipes or pre-made kits will just be an estimate, based whether the yeast is behaving as expected. But due to the inevitable slight differences that occur during brewing (such as mash temperature slightly being off, pitching rates being slightly off, the yeast...
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    Subtitue Amarillo for Motueka and/or Wakatu

    I'd say that Motueka would be a better substitute for Amarillo, in terms of getting a more tropical punch. I have paired Motueka and citra together before, but there was a variety of other hops in there as well (mosaic, galaxy and perhaps cascade), so I can't offer any specific advice on the...
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    any good ebooks

    If you both send me a personal message with your email addresses I can have a sort through what I have over the weekend and get reelevent thing ssent over to you :cheers:
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    Yeast Bay Yeast

    The Vermont ale one is good, but a bit lazy as it states. Good flavour profile, but the attenuation can drop short.
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    any good ebooks

    What kind of thing are you after? I've got a bunch of stuff I could email/share with you. I've got yeast and malting academic textbooks, "how to brew" guides and a variety of other stuff.
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    Accidental overtemperature whilst fermenting

    Raising the temperature will indeed help reach FG and will speed up diacetyl removal. So I don't think it's a total disaster :cheers:
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    I've just found a sour I like!

    "Clean sours" are definitely the gateway to enjoying them! Some of my favours include Buxton's trolltunga (gooseberry sour IPA) and far skyline (berliner weisse), Siren's pompelmocello (grapefuit IPA), anything by To Ol or Chorlton.
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    Yeast washing

    Especially once you move onto liquid yeasts which are ~£7 on average, it's great to be able to store the yeast and use it multiple times. I frequently split my 23L batches into two fermentors so I can pitch two different yeasts and see how they turn out. Great way to learn about different...
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    The steam

    I know what you mean, I often leave the kitchen not realising how bad it is, to find all other windows in the flat steamed up and sweating. I generally find having the extractor fan on helps (if you're in the kitchen). Failing that the nearest window should remove most of it.
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    Ph Meter

    I bought this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DJY8AYG/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 It's not that great to be honest and I only trust it down to a 0.1 difference. Even when calibrating with the two defined buffer solutions it's impossible to get the meter reading both solutions perfectly. I...
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    Adding fruit to wheat beer

    Mixed results. The colour came out beautifully, a very deep purple. The aroma was very strongly of the berries, but the flavour was a bit more subtle than I would have liked. The only problem was that racking to bottle was an absolute nightmare as there was so much debris! So I lost a lot of...
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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    I've never used a heat pad so don't know how hot they can get. But if it's very well insulated then in theory it should be OK. It doesn't have to be as hot as 43-45 degrees, but at lower temperatures the souring will take longer. Good luck buddy :cheers:
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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    I put it in my fermentation fridge and cranked the inkbird setting up to 45 degrees. My moderately small 40W heating tube could only keep it at 42-43 degrees though, but it did the trick. I've heard of people keeping it in the oven though, if you don't have a fermentation fridge
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    Tried a sour beer

    I'm a big fan of two beers by Buxton. A gooseberry sour IPA (trolltunga) and a dry hopped Berliner weisse (skyline). Both worth a try if you happen to come across them.
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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    Update: so the pH stopped dropping after 2 days and wouldn't budge below 4. After a further 48 hours I threw in some unmilled grain and the pH shot down to 3.45 in 48 hours. Boiled it up just now and the smell/taste of lemons is very strong! I'm opting for the M21 yeast in the end. I've got high...
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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    pH has dropped from 4.5 to 4 in 20 hours, so I'm happy it's working! Secondary question which you may have some experience with. I was planning on using a clean yeast, S-04, to focus more on the tartness for my first time brewing this style. But I've just realised I've run out of DME so won't...
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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    Thanks. I went ahead with it today. Fingers crossed it will sour. I suppose I could add some whole grain if the pH doesn't drop. Do you find the flavour of yogurt transfers at all to the final product?
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    Kettle souring with yogurt culture

    Hi guys, So I'm trying to brew a Berliner Weisse. I'm following the instructions discussed here: http://www.notsoprofessionalbeer.com/2013/09/brewing-with-yogurt.html Essentially making a starter with DME, culturing yogurt (with lactobacillus) for 3 days at 42 degrees to reach a pH of 3.8...
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    Which yeast did you use and how was it pitched? It could be from either underpitching the yeast, insufficient oxygenation of the wort for the yeast to propagate properly, or a highly flocculant yeast which have dropped out of suspension. There are numerous more reasons, but these are the...
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    Mini Keg Usage, Maintenance & Party Star Deluxe Part 1

    This has probably been asked, but to save me scrolling through all the threads I'll ask it again. Does the dipstick of the tap need to be lubed up prior to inserting in into the keg? And if so, will vaseline do the trick? Cheers