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  1. pms67

    Dry Hopping

    If anyone is interested these are available in Sainsbury’s for 30p each and seem ideal for hops
  2. pms67

    Help with basic Lager please

    Hi guys Any suggestions welcome I have 4kg of lager malt 100g of Saaz 50g of Sabro 50g of Falconers Flight 2x packs of CML Hell yeast Can someone please suggest an easy recipe with hop timing? I’m happy to purchase anything else required (Carapils,Crystal,Flaked rice etc) Just something a bit...
  3. pms67

    100g of hops, which one

    Hi a quick question and replies appreciated I have thrown together the Mangrove Jacks IPA and half of the Festival Golden Summer Ale (don’t ask) Anyhow I have 100g of Chinook 100g of Simcoe 100g of Sabro 100g of...
  4. pms67

    Brewing stuff

    £30 for the lot Pick up only Clackmannanshire
  5. pms67

    Brewdog gushers

    In case this has happened to anyone else, this...... I purchased 240 cans (don’t judge!) and when I got down to the last 60 they started gushing, must be an infected batch, I emailed them and they asked for details from bottom of can, it was stamped Punk On Tour, the other ones I had stamped...
  6. pms67

    Cooling a garage.

    Hi guys, sorry I’m not sure how to start a new thread on my phone and just typed in Ventilation Can anyone pass in any tips on keeping a large garage cool? I have a 4.5 m x 2.5m wooden shed/garage and it gets way too hot, I’m happy to install extraction but I’m not sure what works best, one...
  7. pms67

    Duvel Triple hop, not for me thanks

    I know there’s a lot of people like this beer and it’s all a matter of taste but............ At £2.50 for a small bottle that tastes like it’s infected ( it tastes identical to two of my homebrews that went wrong) (nail polish/medicine) I just can’t see the attraction I guess my palate just...
  8. pms67

    Full or partial boil? Hops in too long?

    Kill two birds with one stone here and ask both on the same thread. What do you guys find is the main difference between a full volume boil and a partial boil then topping up the concentrated wort? I only boil what can fit into my Burco then top up the rest when I’m transferring to my no chill...
  9. pms67

    Strainer/filter £10

    Anyone used these extendable strainer from Dunelm Mills? Reduced to under a tenner, thought it might be handy to sit in the FV when transferring from boiler to fv
  10. pms67

    Three hop combinations

    I have just dry hopped my last brew with 300g of hops, the most ever for any of my brews. The combination was. Simcoe 100g Centennial 100g Amarillo 100g Not got a clue what it will taste like but if you could only pick three hops to go in a beer what would your favourites be? Cheers
  11. pms67

    Crushed malt 25kg £20 ?

    I phoned a local malt supplier (massive factory) and the guy answering the phone says he has a few spare bags of Ale malt for £20 each, not much more detail than that. Central Scotland if anyone wants any details just contact me but the way he was talking it’s only 3 or 4 (I’m taking 1)
  12. pms67

    Gas fitting alternative?

    Hi The John Guest (I think that’s what it’s called) fitting on my gas regulator keeps breaking, seems to get very brittle then just crumble and I’m getting fed up buying them, anyone got a better method of connecting? Apologies if this is just obvious to most.
  13. pms67

    The difference between?????

    What do you guys think, 1 is from M&S for £2.50 and 1 from B&M for £1.50 Both brewed by Oakham Ales Can’t be too different surely?
  14. pms67

    Regular hop supplier?

    Hi guys, just wondering who most people use. I usually use CML as they deliver for free or 50p when I order 100g of hops, most other places want £5.95 but they are closed until the 2nd Jan Anywhere else decent for small hop orders? Cheers
  15. pms67

    Mosaic, Citra and Chinook?

    Looking for a wee bit of advice from someone with brewing software I have the following and want to use up all the hops in this brew 100g of Mosaic 100g of Citra 50g of Chinook (I’ve never used these before) I have 4kg of extra Pale Malt and 4kg of Golden Promise and not sure what Malt to...
  16. pms67

    Wilko triple hopped IPA

    I bought this and was looking forward to brewing it, instructions say it comes supplied with hop pellets, I opened the lid and found a mighty 10 grams, yes TEN grams of Amarillo. Let’s hope to God it has been triple hopped beforehand, now, off to Crossmyloof to order 100g
  17. pms67

    Mix two kits

    Hi guys, I have these two kits and it doesn’t really appeal to me to brew separately with additives, would anyone mix these together, I only have the yeast that comes with these and 50g of Cashmere hops in the freezer. I could order yeast from Crossmyloof I guess. Both kits are 1.8kg, do you...
  18. pms67

    Beer ready straight from Keg?

    This is probably a stupid question but hey ho, I’ve just got into using kegs and I was wondering how can the beer be ready to drink after a few days from the keg but needs a couple of weeks in the bottle? I’m not talking about the carbonation I’m talking about the taste, I just tasted my Punk...
  19. pms67

    Dump new Pilsner on Punk trub?

    Hi guys, a bit of advice would be appreciated. I’m making a Pilsner next, I have 4kg of Pilsner Malt and S23 yeast What size batch can I make and what benefit would I get from reusing the Punk IPA trub? Will I get some of the almost 300g of hop flavour? Maybe I should throw the Salfager yeast in...
  20. pms67

    Punk IPA clone Malt Miller

    Hi guys, some help appreciated please. I have this from the Malt Miller and at £32 I would like it to stretch as far as I can without ruining the beer (tight Scottish git) Two questions, could I add 500g if spraymalt at the end of the boil(or the start?) and make it up to 23 or 25. Litres, it’s...