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  1. soupdragon

    Push fit reducer/splitter

    Hi all Is there such a thing as a push fit reducer/splitter? I know there's other ways to do it but one of these would be my easiest option. I want to split a standard gas into two but reduced to standard beer line diameter for flexibility. I need to buy a couple of things whichever way I do...
  2. soupdragon

    100% varietal juice?

    Hi all I emailed Youngs early last week but won't hold my breath waiting for a reply, so......... Does anyone know if the actual grape component of their Cellar 7 kits are actually 100% varietal? I'm thinking of Shiraz, Merlot and the like rather than generic reds. I know there's water and...
  3. soupdragon

    Superior Seven wine kits

    Hi all. Has anyone tried the above mentioned kits? I presume they're the retailers own brand? They include oak, elderberries or elderflower depending on which variety of kit it is. Doesn't say how much grape concentrate/compound there is to the kits but it says no extra sugar is required. I'd...
  4. soupdragon

    Retailers "own brand" kits

    Hi all Apart from the likes of love brewing's beerworks craft series kits and the bruphoria range from the homebrew company, does anyone know of other online shops selling similar kits? Not looking for any inclusions of steeping grains or hops to boil, just plain old mix extract with water...
  5. soupdragon

    I'm a silly chap

    Hi all For now I'm splitting my 5 gallon kits over 2 fermenters and I've stupidly severely maimed the yeast in one fermenter. Only found out once I racked the two back into a clean f/v to degas and stabilise. I checked the gravity, 1.010 and thought, ah! Bit high for a dry red to finish that...
  6. soupdragon

    Half length wine kit

    Hi all I bought a carafe 21 "full red" on a whim a while ago as it was only about £12 for the 30 bottle kit. Now after giving it some thought I'm considering only making it up to 10 litres and cutting the sugar addition down to 2kg in an effort to boost it as it'll only produce a very light...
  7. soupdragon

    Carafe 21

    Hi all Just bought one of the above. 30 bottles of red (or should it say pink?) for £13.84. Had to get a couple of extra items to get to the £50 free next day delivery mark though. £13.84? What's that all about? Yes it'll probably taste like paint thinners initially but if it turns out like a...
  8. soupdragon

    Splitting 5 gallon kit into two fermenters

    Hi all Circumstances dictate that I may need to minimise my lifting of heavy weights, so............... Has anyone ever split a 5 gallon kit into two full size fermenters? Including splitting the sachets of yeast, stabiliser and finings. Not sure about making the whole batch up in one with a...
  9. soupdragon

    Australian blend Cabernet Sauvignon

    Hi all Bit late for me to be asking really as I've already bought them but has anybody done the above mentioned kit? 7kg of juice, the usual 7 day yeast that I expect to leave for at least 3 weeks. Couldn't resist 3 for the price of 2 so just over 60 quid for the lot :cheers3: Cheers...
  10. soupdragon

    Punch wine kits

    Hi all Has anyone tried these? https://www.creativewinemaking.co.uk/punch-wine-kits.html Cheers. Tom
  11. soupdragon

    How vigorous a ferment?

    Hi all I've just got my last 6 bottle kit on before moving on to 30 bottle kits. So I have two fermenters I've been using for my beer, one 25l without a tap and one 33l with tap. My question is how vigorous should I expect a cellar 7 Cabernet Sauvignon to be? Can I get away with using the 25l...
  12. soupdragon

    Percentage of grape juice in kits

    Hi all Does anyone know of a list that gives the actual grape content in kits? I know some kits have more than others and that even some of the "no sugar required" kits have some form of additional sugars added in the kit. Any assistance will be gratefully received :thumb1: Cheers...
  13. soupdragon

    Richard's Red

    Hi all What's the average fermentation time for a 1 gallon batch of Richard's Red? I've followed the recipe apart from the citric acid and glycerin. I'm 11 full days in and it looks like mine has finished. I've not checked the gravity as yet as I've loaned my hydrometer out to someone. I...
  14. soupdragon

    Pectolase, yes or no?

    Hi all Will be getting a Richards red on tomorrow. Got one question for you all though. Do clear supermarket juices really need pectolase? I have got some to use but I'm sure I read something a while ago saying that it was only required for cloudy juices or when using actual fruit. I've...
  15. soupdragon

    Wilko Cabernet Sauvignon

    Hi all Been brewing beer for a good long while now but am just getting back into wine making. As I'd dumped all my wine gear 25-30 years ago I thought I'd get one of the starter kits from wilko. It's been on the go for a few weeks now and I've just moved the demijohn to a cool place to...
  16. soupdragon

    Hop matter in suspension

    Hi all I've been doing a few trial brews....... I've removed the stupid bazooka filter from my ace brewer and now use a 200 micron spider for my hop additions. There's still a small amount of hop debris getting into my fermenter. About 4 days before kegging I've been adding 150g of mixed...
  17. soupdragon

    Grapefruit extract

    Hi all Has anybody used http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400984157414 this type of stuff in their beers? I know Rob sells cold pressed extract but I'm wondering what's the difference between it and this as it's also cold pressed. It's listed as being good for digestion and the immune system which...
  18. soupdragon

    Using one pot brewing system grain basket as hop spider

    Hi all I've read mixed reports over this. Some say that the basket would suck too much heat out out of the boil but others say that they work well. Any and all thoughts are welcome Cheers. Tom
  19. soupdragon

    Oxi Cleaner

    Hi All Has anybody ever had the oxi cleaner from the pound shops not give off much " fizz "? Kegged a brew today and 5 scoops in 5 litres of hot water should have been enough to pressurise the corny but all I got when I tried to flush through to the tap was a gurgle as it sucked air in :-(...
  20. soupdragon

    Motueka Pale. Too much?

    Hi All Just got a Mad Goose ( ish ) on and am planning my next brew. Going for something easy on the palate but with a bit of a zing to it. I'm looking at........... Pale Malt 3600g Caragold 400g Torrified Wheat 250g Motueka 100g @ 10 mins before end of boil 30 EBU Motueka 100g @ 5 mins...