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  1. GhostShip

    Does steriliser go out of date?

    Someone who used to home brew chucked some stuff my way. It gives me an extra barrel and FV, along with a hydrometer and syphon. There was also a 6 year old Coopers Ginger Beer kit and some brewing sugar, which I’ve dumped. There is an unopened pot of Young’s steriliser/cleaner (powder that...
  2. GhostShip

    Best way to clean pressure barrel after use

    I have bottled my latest brew this morning. When I went to sanitise the barrel (I transfer from the FV to a barrel to get rid of the debris and sometimes to batch prime, before bottling), I noticed some crud sitting on the ledge above the tap inside the barrel. My bottle brush wouldn't reach it...
  3. GhostShip

    Mangrove Jacks Single Hop Simcoe IPA review

    Kit started - 27th September. Used 1.2kg of MJ liquid extract. Tesco Ashbeck Water used - made up to 23L. Fermented in brew fridge at 20C. Hops added - 7th October Bottled - 10th October. One carbonation drop per bottle. Secondary fermentation in brew fridge at 20C. Moved out to cold shed - 25th...
  4. GhostShip

    Type of sugar for secondary fermentation

    Following a suggestion from someone on here, I thought I’d get some sugar sticks online to go into my bottles for secondary fermentation. A much cheaper option than carbonation drops. Now this might be a daft question, but I can get white, brown or demerara sugar - no difference in price. Is...
  5. GhostShip

    Bruphoria Dead Phony IPA kit review

    I love Brewdog's Dead Pony IPA - I don't know how they pack so much flavour into a beer that's only 3.8%, so thought I'd try the Bruphoria Dead Phony IPA kit. Kit started - 17th July Hop tea added - 27th July Cold crash - 31st July Bottled - 2nd August Move out to shed - 2nd September First...
  6. GhostShip

    New range of kits from Muntons arriving in the spring

    I was contacted recently by Muntons to see if I would be prepared to brew one of their new kits that are due to be launched in spring 2021. I agreed and will be starting the brew this weekend and then supplying feedback to Muntons. All of the new kits are 2 x can malt extract kits, with yeast...
  7. GhostShip

    What should a hop tea look like?

    On the face of it, probably a stupid question, but I’ve never done one before. The kit I’m currently doing asks for the hops to be put into the FV as a hop tea. Add the hops to a cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. I started in a cup, but the hops took up so much space that when I...
  8. GhostShip

    Batch priming vs adding sugar to bottles

    Up to now, I’ve always batch primed for secondary fermentation - dissolved the sugar in boiling water in the barrel, then siphoned the beer from the FV into the barrel and then from the barrel into bottles. I’ve never really thought about it too much before, but it’s been the case that some...
  9. GhostShip

    BrewDog release new recipe document for download

  10. GhostShip

    Carbonation drops question

    I'm going to try the Mangrove Jack's Grapefruit IPA as my next kit and noticed that Brew2Bottle have a decent offer on for the kit, malt enhancer, steriliser and carbonation drops. I've never used carbonation drops before - they just seem an expensive way of adding sugar to beer, but if I get...
  11. GhostShip

    15% off Mangroves Jacks' beer kits

    All Mangroves Jacks' beer kits 15% off until midnight on Sunday (12th January) at Brew UK. MJ malt extract is also on promo for £4.24.
  12. GhostShip

    PLAATO Airlock (easy gravity reads)

    This looks cool. However, having seen the price, I'll leave it for now! ------ The world's first non-invasive fermentation analyzer that monitors every step of the fermentation from wherever you are. PLAATO Airlock connects to your local WiFi and gives you real-time access to: - Specific...
  13. GhostShip

    Beerworks President's Sierra American Pale Ale review

    Kit contents: 3kg extract. 650g brewing sugar. 20g US West Coast beer yeast. 50g Citra hops. 150g priming sugar. Muslin bag. Brew day was Saturday 27th April 2019. Brewed to 23L, using Tesco Ashbeck mineral water. Added 250g light spray malt. Used kit yeast (20g West Coast beer yeast)...
  14. GhostShip

    Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI Temperature Controller review

    Having been lucky enough to have won an Inkbird ITC-308-WIFI smart controller in the giveaways thread on this website, I thought the least I could do was provide a review of it. I already have an ITC-308, so setting it up with my fridge and tube heater was no problem - it simply replaced what...
  15. GhostShip

    Inkbird ITC-308 lightning deal Tuesday 11th December

    Following a system error on Black Friday, Inkbird are repeating their Amazon deal for the ITC-308 for one day only. The controller will be on sale for £22.94 (normal price £29.99). Tuesday 11th December - starts 08:00, ends 20:00 (i.e. available for 12 hours). Search B018K82UQU on Amazon.
  16. GhostShip

    Inkbird ITC-308 and ITC-306T on Black Friday deals

    Inkbird have confirmed that the ITC-308 and ITC-306T controllers will both be on offer on Black Friday (23rd November) on Amazon. The ITC-308 will be at £22.94 (between 15:25 and 21:25). The ITC-306T will be at £23.79 (between 07:40 and 13:40).
  17. GhostShip

    When to cold crash/condition

    Now I have a brew fridge just about finished, I'm almost ready to start another kit, but there's one thing that's got me totally confused. I had always thought that cold crashing takes place after secondary fermentation and lasts for a week or two before the beer is returned to room temperature...
  18. GhostShip

    Cold crashing/conditioning

    Given that I'm still fairly new to all this, I had always believed that cold crashing/conditioning was something that took place AFTER secondary fermentation. However, I've recently read somewhere that some people cold crash immediately after primary fermentation and then let the secondary...
  19. GhostShip

    Clear beer

    The kits I’m doing are gradually improving, but my beers are rarely ever clear. I’ve heard of finings, but do they really make any difference, do they have any adverse effect on the taste of the beer, and at what stage of the process are they added? Or are there better ways of clearing a beer...
  20. GhostShip

    New kits - Mangrove Jacks craft series

    Always good to see new kits coming to market (Tiny Rebel have two coming in spring) and these from Mangrove Jacks look interesting. Each kit includes malt extract, yeast and some contain fresh hop pellets. The range includes a Berliner Sour, Grapefruit IPA and a Helles Lager. Here's the...