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  1. Gingerbrews

    Lakeland breweries

    We've a week's holiday planned at beginning of November. This is assuming we're allowed to travel. Looking for suggestions of breweries to visit or local beers to try.
  2. Gingerbrews

    William Bros labels

    Having availed myself of Morrison's great cheap deal on William Bros beers, £1.25 for Joker IPA and Caesar Augustus, I went remove the labels to reuse the bottles. The Caesar labels slid off after a short soak in hot water but the Joker labels were welded onto the bottles. Numerous soaking and...
  3. Gingerbrews

    Murky beer from Robobrew

    Got my Robobrew/Brewzilla in June and have done 6 brews so far. Apart from Brew No.3 (which was a Coniston Bluebird clone), brew Nos.1,2,4 have all been really cloudy. Brew No.1 particularly is a tried and tested recipe and a favourite of mine which I have brewed many times with great success...
  4. Gingerbrews

    Brew sheds

    Has anyone been building during lockdown? I always like to see everyone's efforts, even if it stirs up the green eyed monster!!! :)
  5. Gingerbrews

    Small batches??

    I've 6 demijohns in the shed from when I used to make wine. In these strange days was thinking about making 5l batches to eke out supplies and experiment a bit. What do you think? And any suggestions? Cheers
  6. Gingerbrews

    Hop alternatives

    Was planning to do an IPA this morning. However my recipe calls for Eldorado, I've a large selection of hops but guess what, no Eldorado. Suggestions please for alternative. Thanks
  7. Gingerbrews

    Elderflower Pale Ale

    I'm thinking of doing the above from James Morton's book. Question is, I have dried elderflowers and think will add as an aroma steep like a hop tea. What quantity of dried elderflowers to water should I use? Am planning on a 10 litre batch. Thanks
  8. Gingerbrews

    Have I cocked this up???

    Was brewing a jester/cascade pale ale. Equipment necessitated doing 2 batches and amalgamation both in FV. First batch completed when I realised that I had used the full amounts of hops. Have mashed and boiled the 2nd part with minimal hops and added to FV. Will pitch the yeast and hope for...
  9. Gingerbrews

    Grandchild Brew

    Our first Grandchild is due to make an appearance at the end of July. Looking for recipes and ideas for the baby's head wetting party, with something that will appeal to a wide range of folks. Any input appreciated. Cheers
  10. Gingerbrews


    Found a bag of 100g of Columbus in the freezer. Thinking about a SMASH but have not used Columbus for one before. A good idea?
  11. Gingerbrews

    Store cupboard brews

    Ok so I have a day off, SWMBO is away until late therefore a brewday is on the cards. In the cupboard I have the following: Pale Malt 2.8kg Carapils 150g Pilsner 700g Crystal 450g Amber 450g Cascade 26g Simcoe 40g Saaz 70g...
  12. Gingerbrews

    Caesar Augustus

    I remember a while ago seeing a recipe for a Caesar Augustus clone but am unable to find it now. Can anyone help?
  13. Gingerbrews

    Greg Hughes' Bitter

    I brewed the London Bitter (page 140), bottled on 2 Oct. Opened the first one last night after 2 weeks in the warm and 2 weeks in the shed. Problem is that although it was bright, clear and fizzy, it had no head whatsoever. Tasted good but I would have referred that it had a head. Opened a...
  14. Gingerbrews

    Red Wheat

    I have just been looking at a recipe on an American website which calls for "Red wheat" in the grain bill. Anyone have any ideas where I can get this?
  15. Gingerbrews

    British & Irish Lions Tour

    Anyone have a link for a free streaming site where I can watch the game vs Blues this morning?
  16. Gingerbrews

    Mini kegs

    After reading multiple threads re mini kegs, I thought I'd give them a try. Being a tight-arsed Jock, there was no way I was paying full price for an empty keg. Was visiting Fyne Ales in Argyll and saw that they were selling of mini kegs full of beer almost at expiry date for £9 so jumped...
  17. Gingerbrews

    Dark Revolution So.LA West Coast Pale

    Have brewed the clone of this sold as a Stove Topper by Brewuk. It's terrific. The kit doesn't detail the grains nor hops. Anyone able to provide the information so I can brew 20 litres?
  18. Gingerbrews

    Tube/pipe cleaning?

    Got out one of my plastic tubes to rack a brew, when i noticed that inside the tube is some mould or gunk. Poured boiling water through with no effect; trying some Starsan too but it's not going. Any ideas or do I just bin it? I know the cost is small but it means I'm going to have to go to...
  19. Gingerbrews

    Smack Pack Wyeast

    Looking for a wee bit of help please. Planning on doing a Single Hop Nelson Sauvin Ale and Single Hop EKG Ale today, but discovered that only ordered 1 of these packs of yeast instead of 2. Questions are: Has anyone used these before and if so what did you think? And...
  20. Gingerbrews

    Strange film on FV

    Made a Brewuk Extract Mosaic kit and after initial fermentation, moved to second FV with a view to allowing it to settle out prior to bottlling. However it has now developed a strange film on the top, which looks kind of grainy and creamy coloured (see attached pic). It tastes a bit "metallic"...