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  1. AlanHarper

    My Fermentation fridge build.

    I found a free BEKO larder fridge TLDA 521 and had misgivings about drilling holes in it but since I would not be losing anything if I did kill it i decided to go for it. I bit the bullet and had a look inside to see where the best or more likely position for drilling would be. I removed the...
  2. AlanHarper

    Cheap Hop Bags - very cheap!!!

    If you are looking for a bag to put hops in for the boil - and you don't want to pay too much for them - then go to your local Sainsburys super market. There they sell 30 cm square draw string bags for buying loose vegetables for only 30 pence!!! The usual nylon bag is about £3 in the Home...
  3. AlanHarper

    Mouth Feel - Beer tastes "Syrupy" What to do?

    I have made a few reasonable tasty beers (I think) but the best of them have a syrupy feel to them and nothing like the commercial brews in any of my microbrew houses. So I have a plan to make a brew as normal with a post boil SG of 1.075 ish but of half my normal volume of about 10 liters...
  4. AlanHarper

    Muntons Information for Microbrewers

    I have discovered a very informative document about grains and other ingredients aimed at Microbrewers. It includes recipies for several "standard" types of beer - but for 100 litre batches as well as Beer Flavour Wheels and a Beer Trouble Shooting chart. The document is a PDF and can be found...
  5. AlanHarper

    FV Air Lock "boil over" trap

    I saw someone had a "boil over" of their air-lock that made a mess of their worktop and, although that hasn't happened to me I had an idea that may prevent it happening. The idea is to use the air-lock within another container - in this case a cut down plastic milk bottle so that will trap any...
  6. AlanHarper

    Cellar Training Course Help Site.

    An informative site on Cellerman Training... worth a visit. http://www.cellartrainingcourse.co.uk
  7. AlanHarper

    Make Dog Biscuits from your spent grain

    My local Micro Pub just published a recipe for using up your spent grain from a brew day. The Watchmakers Arms in Hove. I don't have a dog but I'm sure if I did it would love these... The recipe: Have Bun... Woof!!!!
  8. AlanHarper

    Foreign Craft Beers - What have you discovered.

    On holiday in Sesimbra, Portugal I came across a restaurant (the Tap House) that brewed it's own craft beers (they said on the premises but I don't think that was true) - that I had the pleasure in tasting all but one. I have nicked a copy of their menu and show it here - followed by my last...
  9. AlanHarper

    Two Stage Chilling With Tap Water - Experiment

    This may be the wrong area for this thread but I'm sure the Mods will move it if necessary. I put it here for discussion as to the viability of the idea. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My last brew was chilled using tap water plumbed...
  10. AlanHarper

    Watery Commercial beer?

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that commercial beer tastes "watery" compared to home brew that has similar ABV? It's not the alcohol taste or the flavour of the malt but I have just had a Speckled Hen that tastes a lot "thinner" that a home brew of the same strength. Is it an...
  11. AlanHarper

    Burton Beer Water

    I have discovered that the still water sold in Lidl as their own brand called SASKIA comes from a spring source just outside Burton on Trent. This, presumably, would make it ideal for brewing Burton style beer. The chemical breakdown is...
  12. AlanHarper

    Water Calculator Question

    Looking at the water calculator it requests the volume of water used overall and the amount of that water used in the Mash. If 25 lt is used overall and 15 lt used for the mash the difference, 10 lt, is to be used for Sparging. Or is it? Later on in the process instructions the salts are...
  13. AlanHarper

    Fermentation Vessels for sale - East Sussex

    Hi fellow brewers, As a result of buying out a retiring home brewer I have a surfeit of 6 FVs that are cluttering up my garage I would like to dispose of. They are going for a princely sum of £5 each but it would be best if you would come and pick them up (PM me if you are interested).
  14. AlanHarper

    Mannequin Pees - A Belgian Brew

    I had a go at brewing a Belgian style "thumper" so I only needed one pint of a evening instead of the usual (?) two. I plugged in the grain and hops into the Brewers Friend recipe builder and brewed it up. I am very pleased with the outcome as I like a nice strong beer and this certainly fits...
  15. AlanHarper

    Brewing on Friday

    Well, I have gone through all my equipment defaults and updated them to accurately reflect the TRUE values of Grain Absoption, Boiling Losses, Mash Tun and boiler losses and dead space so now the Recipe calculator gives all the correct levels and readings. I have even done my own spreadsheet...
  16. AlanHarper

    DryHopping Problem?

    I have been brewing a Belgian Style IPA and was dry hopping with Brambling Cross pellets BEFORE pitching the yeast for fermenting. This is my problem - see picture - after 3 days with the hops in a sterilised bag suspended in the wort - that was racked off from kettle into a fermentation bin - I...
  17. AlanHarper

    Brewing a Belgian Style IPA for first time.

    Well attempting my first home designed brew of a Belgian IPA. I used the Brewers Friend Recipe app to construct a suitable brew - based on previously read Belgian brews. This is the recipe: FIRSTBASHMASH Belgian Pale Ale Recipe Specs ---------------- Batch Size (L): 20.0 Total Grain...
  18. AlanHarper

    Sussex Home Brew Groups

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, Are there any Home Brew clubs in the Sussex area? I am interested to swap experiences, info, techniques etc.
  19. AlanHarper

    Beer Kits - Can you boil them - should you?

    I have made a few beer kits up over the years and followed the recipe printed on the label. In all of them they have suggested just to 1) add hot water to the sticky malt gunge just out of the tin - get it to the right temperature - 2) pitch the yeast and stand well back then 3) ferment. They...
  20. AlanHarper

    Building a Portable 3 Tier Brewing Frame

    Requirements As part of my brewing experience I have read many articles, seen Youtube videos and trawled through this and other Forums and have realised that having a multilayer Brewing Frame or Station is the way to go. This unit has to be strong enough to support the brewing, mashing and FV...