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  1. clyne

    Grain Mill - care & maintenance

    Hey all So for my recent anniversary my wife kindly (after strict instructions and the correct link) bought me a 3 roller grain mill from the chaps at Malt Miller (with some grain too!). I used it at the weekend for a Peat Smoked Porter, and I absolutely love it. I'm not sure if it was the...
  2. clyne

    All grain - dummy's guide

    Hey all I've been all grain brewing for a couple of years now, and one of the things I struggled with the most from the beginning was the amount of new terminology I had to learn. Sparging. Mashing. Mash tun. Strike water. HLT. And so on. A friend of mine (who's relatively new to brewing...
  3. clyne

    Floaters in my beer

    Hey all. So I’ve got a weird problem and just not sure what it is. I’ve got about 4 brews now which all have tiny little floaters in them. The first couple I dry hopped so thought it might have been that. But then I had a kit which also had similar floaters (the other three are all grain using...
  4. clyne

    BrewBru - my home brew YouTube videos

    Hey all I’m really enjoying making a few videos along the way of the brewing process. While I realise there are loads out there on YouTube when I first started out I couldn’t always find a guide for what I was looking for and especially using kit commonly found in the UK. I’ve posted a couple...
  5. clyne

    Frothy but not fizzy lager

    Hey all my budding beer brewing brilliant buddies So, I made my first AG lager a few months ago, left in fridge for around 3 months to properly lager then took it out to connect up to my taps in the garage. Everything was great but not quite as carbwd as I like so I cranked the psi up to about...
  6. clyne

    Pressurised transfer with Brewtech Chronical & Corny Keg (video)

    Latest instalment in my road to YouTube stardom :) A short vid showing one way (another will follow in a few weeks) of doing a pressurised transfer between the SS Brewtech Chronical and a Corny Keg. Enjoy!
  7. clyne

    Suggested wine yeast

    Hey there fellow brew peeps So I’ve been back brewing beer for a few years now. I used to do wine kits years ago (maybe 20!). Got some rhubarb in the garden and fancied giving a rhubarb wine a go. I’ve seen the thread with recipes but wondered about recommended yeast? Is there like an S-05...
  8. clyne

    Robobrew - Proper Job Clone - youtube video

    Hey all So, I decided to publish a wee video of a brew I did back in December using my Robobrew. Would really love feedback - good or bad, for future videos. Please feel free to let me know of anything I'm doing wrong too :) I'm relatively new, maybe having done around 10 or so brews. Love...
  9. clyne

    Corny kegs - where do you get them?

    Hey all Apologies if this is in the wrong group, couldn’t really decide which one was best! I’ve got 3 corny kegs at the moment and would like a few more. Last time I purchased from thehomebrewcompany.co.uk and got some second hand ones for around 35 ish quid each. They don’t have these grade...
  10. clyne

    Hop bags - lidl

    hey all Thought I’d share this in case anyone fancies trying it :) I was doing my shopping in Lidl today and noticed they had nice eco friendly nylon bags for carrying your fruit and veg home in. 2 of them for 49p. Well I thought hey they look great as a hop bag! Had a brew day today and...
  11. clyne

    Hello from the Highlands!

    Hello fellow brew peeps. I live in the far north of Scotland, married with a son. I first started brewing when I was around 17 using the good old tins of "syrup" and plastic buckets. Over the last few years my passion has been somewhat re-ignited and I'm not all grain brewing. My wife bought...