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  1. Fuzzy Growler

    Extra Hop additions to a Kit brew

    Hi all just wondering if anyone has done/tried this before.... So I'm going to do a mangrove jack's juicy session IPA and play around with it. (Because I like really hoppy beers but don't have room for a AG kit yet). I was thinking - to get extra Hop additions in the boil I may be able to...
  2. Fuzzy Growler

    Is it Possible to make an impy stout using a kit

    Hi all..... I was wondering if it's possible to make an imperial stout around 10% abv using a stout kit? What extra would I need to add to amplify the abv? Etc... Any info would be greatly appreciated
  3. Fuzzy Growler

    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Wife's homemade beer snacks.... Absolutely delicious, roasted chickpeas with smoked paprika, garlic salt and pepper
  4. Fuzzy Growler

    The Beer Snack Thread.

    Wife's homemade beer snacks.... Absolutely delicious, roasted chickpeas with smoked paprika, garlic salt and pepper
  5. Fuzzy Growler

    Quick brew kit

    Hi all wondering if anyone knows of an IPA kit that would be ready for drinking in 3ish weeks, I want to brew a beer for my mates big 40 but I think I may have missed the boat unless you geniuses come up with anything? Thanks in advance
  6. Fuzzy Growler

    Verdant yeast for free

    https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/blog/verdant-ipa-yeast-home-brewing-competition/ For anyone who wants a pack of the new Verdant yeast for free if you enter the competition
  7. Fuzzy Growler

    White labs English ale vial?

    Hi all, hoping you could help, doing half batch brew today my first step away from kit brewing to biab. So I have a white labs English ale yeast that comes in a vial like packet, what would you recommend, half the packet or put the full packet in? I'm not bothered about saving money by only...
  8. Fuzzy Growler

    Craft Beer & Brewing magazine

    Just looking at the craft beer & brewing subscription magazine, $24.99 for 12 months.... Anyone a subscriber? Would anyone recommend it? Is there any books for a newbie that isn't too gobbledygook? Thanks in advance 🍻 Is it time for a beer yet 🤔
  9. Fuzzy Growler

    Fermentation keg or bucket?

    I'm just looking at a clone recipe for a hoppy IPA, reading the instructions it says transfer to a keg and add a spunding valve (new territory for me). Could I not just put it in my Fermentation bucket with airlock? Or is stating keg and valve because there's going to be a lot more pressure/co2...
  10. Fuzzy Growler

    Secondary Fermentation?

    Morning all Just wondering what is secondary Fermentation for? And do I need to do this for my mangrove jacks juicy IPA kit?
  11. Fuzzy Growler

    Beginner brewer- please say hi

    Hi all I'm new to brewing, just ordered myself the Mangrove Jacks juicy session IPA kit along with the equipment I need..... Hoping to be involved on here for advice on all grain brewing as I'm a huge fan of Ipa's and Dipa's and everything else crafty.... Thought I'd start off with a couple of...