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  1. Griffster77

    Potassium metabisulphate

    Is Fermentation Stopper (like in Youngs or Wilko's) the same thing?
  2. Griffster77

    Cold brew...

    Due to extreme child related lack of sleep, i just had a conplete brain fart and made up a kit beer using cold water. God knows what will happen now...
  3. Griffster77

    Yeast not working or just slow?

    Im making some rhubarb wine using the recipe in the River Cottage Handbook. I pitched the yeast yesterday morning at about 8am and there seems to be no action at all today. By contrast, a wine i made from a kit was bubbling away within just a few hours and is glooping every few seconds. So...
  4. Griffster77

    Pitching yeast

    Is it necessary to rehydrate the yeast or is it fine just to chuck it in? I've done that latter in the past and its seemed ok?
  5. Griffster77

    Passionfruit Cider

    My wife LOVES Rekorderlig Passionfruit Cider. So i was thinking of making a TC. Anyone got any experience of Passionfruit in cider?
  6. Griffster77

    Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone. I've been around homebrew most of my life (my dad did it) but only really with kits. I've started making a lot of infusions (sloe gin, blackberry whisky, rosehip vodka etc)which I've enjoyed immensely and done a few kits myself. I've just started making some cider and about to...