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  1. Hopperty

    Calculating changes in specific gravity

    How do I calculate the change in SG when I add an ingredient like sugar ? for instance what difference would 300g of sugar make to 5 gallon of brew. is there a formula or table I could use?
  2. Hopperty

    Conflicting Instructions

    Coopers Golden Crown Lager The online instructions suggest fermenting between 20 & 25°c https://www.mrbeer.com/thomas-coopers-golden-crown-lager-refill-pack#:~:text=This%20mixture%20of%20unfermented%20beer,70%C2%B0%2D76%C2%B0F. The instructions on the packet says 13 to 15ºC Which do I follow ?
  3. Hopperty

    FV - Siphon or Tap

    Up until now I have always used a siphon attached to a wand for bottling. For whatever reason I find it often froths up in the tube then that makes filling the bottle to the top difficult/wasteful. also putting the siphon into the gunge on the bottom disturbs it. Just find the siphon tube a...
  4. Hopperty

    Volcano Beers / Gushers

    Why do some beers turn into little volcanos when you take the top off, this beer is about 6 months old, it doesn't seem to be under enormous pressure inside the bottle (the pssst when I take the top off is very normal) But when the top comes off about a third of the contents gently ouse out of...
  5. Hopperty


    Do I need to boil DME / Spray Malt. before adding to a kit ? i haven't in the past with no problems, but have just been told I should boil it for 5 minutes before adding.
  6. Hopperty

    Lager Kits

    I was looking at the mntons connoisuers range where there are a couple of Largers, the instructions just say brew at the normal temperature (18-21) I thought Lagers were brewed cold? Also can you substitute the sugar with a DME (spraymalt) ?
  7. Hopperty

    Spray Malt

    I did a "Preachers Hefe wheat"out of the can brew recently where I added a "Wheat" DME and was very impressed with the outcome. How would this brew be affected if I was to use a general spray malt instead ? I'm thinking DME and Sprayalt are the same things ? but is a wheat based one...
  8. Hopperty


    what would be the difference in using a light or a dark spraymalt in a 1 Can stout kit. ? if the instructions say add 1KG sugar, can I just add 1KG spraymalt instead - or would I need a different quantity? How long does Spraymalt keep when the bag has been opened ? And what is the best way to...
  9. Hopperty

    Brewing Sugar

    Brewing Sugar, Dextrose, Spray Malt - are these all the same things ? Can any of these be bought at super markets etc or are they normally only available through brewing suppliers ? how long does it keep and how do you keep it ? 5kg would last me a year - is that too long / would this be...
  10. Hopperty

    Failed Brew

    or at least semi failed Firstly, this was my 12th brew and I pretty much done what I hav done with all the others, FV temp was set at 20-21c for the duration. This was a kit can, and the first time I have used a St Peters Stout. For reason that I don't understand, and the butt of my question...
  11. Hopperty

    How to add Golden Syrup

    Wanting to add some golden syrup to a kit, do I just por it in along with the contents of the can, and will it mix in ok. Or do I mix it with water in a pan on the stove to make sure it is more fully liquefied ?
  12. Hopperty

    Can yeast over heat itself

    this is my first brew using a beerkit-enhancer, and it seems to have taken off pretty rapidly and is generating a lot of its own heat. Could it warm itself to a point where the yeast kills itself - or would it be self limiting ? Just to set the scene; I brew in the garage and it is fairly...
  13. Hopperty

    Your Big News of the Day

    Have been watch big numbers of Pink Footed Geese arriving in today, fantastic to see and listen too - but this is very early for them, some say its the sign of a bad winter ahead....
  14. Hopperty

    Possible Stall

    Muntons Imperial Stout Started - 1042 5 Days = 1017 9 Days = 1016 Temperature has been between 19.5 and 20.5°c from begining. I have read elsewhere to give it a stir and raise temperature a little ? Does taking the lid of and stirring risk infection ? what should I raise temp to 20.5 - 21.5 ?
  15. Hopperty

    Malt Extract Tins ?

    I have had a bit of a mix up with the tins from a couple of Muntons kits, (the 'Imperial Stout' and the 'Porter') as the tins are un-labelled apart from a code number I got the tins mixed up and didn't know which was which. So I emailed muntons to ask which was which, and I am utterly baffled...
  16. Hopperty

    Image size

    why is it limited to such a small size (or at least reduced to such a small size ?)
  17. Hopperty

    Bashed Tins

    Would these be OK - postie carefully delivered them today My worry would be the tin coating is split on the inside exposing the mild steel and contaminating the contents - it would be a shame to put in 5 weeks fermenting / bottling / storing to then find out they are duff.
  18. Hopperty

    Understanding Carbonation and ABV

    Did a brew about 6 weeks ago, starting at 1048, I bottled it a fortnight later at 1016 adding a ½tsp sugar (which I guess would have taken it back up to 1018. Just done a reading tonight and it is now at 1013 Would I calculate the final fall in gravity towards alcohol content ? so...
  19. Hopperty

    Ruined or Not ?

    Coopers Stout Kit - got everything spotlessly clean and sterilised, had the tin of coopers stood in some boiling water to make sure it would come out of the can ok, added 2.5 litres boiling water into the FV, tipped the sugar in then started to pour the coopers mix in and a bit of the label on...
  20. Hopperty

    Plastic Bottles

    Is there any issues in using plastic bottles ? I quite fancy using 1 litre lemonade bottles; would only have to fill 20 bottles which is only half the work, also could pre clean them and store them full of a weak sterilising fluid, then on bottling day they would just need rinsed out. Always...